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Reviewer Guidelines

You may post reviews about any site listed here provided you remain within these guidelines.

  • Don't rant, make threats or post material that is offensive or insulting to others.
  • Donâ,"t post comments which have already appeared in other forums (comment spamming). Duplicate comments will be removed.
  • Donâ,"t use this forum to raise payment/account-related or technical issues - they wonâ,"t be dealt with.
  • Don't use this review forum as a public channel for airing gripes, grievances, allegations or disputes with other websites, businesses or individuals.
  • Complaints of fraud or scams should be raised with the appropriate bodies including the Better Business Bureau in the U.S. or Canada, your local Trading Standards Office in the United Kingdom, or your payment provider.
  • Do not include names, emails or contact details of other members. The purpose of this review forum is for rating the services available on dating websites, not people you've met there. Be aware that most dating services only provide an on line platform for people to meet. In general they do not screen members or carry out background checks.

Your comment may be edited or translated (if not in English) as deemed necessary or may be censored for removal of obscenities or prohibited material. If you feel that your content has been misrepresented or altered beyond its original intended meaning, you can use the contact form (including your email address) to request that it be removed.