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    RickMichaelDecember 30th, 2010


    I have to think zoosk is a scam. I just subscribed and had 10 e-mails to open. I sent replies to all of them. Now i haven't got anything back from any of them. Funny UH.I also noticed that some women seem to say the same thing word for word. Funny UH! I don't get it. "I lost my wife to cancer" and "haven't dated for some time", now i try and i get this. I want out. I was scammed out of 100.00.

    Don_4414October 11th, 2011


    Replied to RickMichael @Rick Michael Don't worry. They ain't gonna be ripping off anyone else.
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    steve_2840October 25th, 2010


    A previous post summed it up precisely by saying, "zoosk is a money extraction machine". They are a ripoff....please stay away!
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    EarlOctober 6th, 2010


    They don't really have the membership they advertise. In several other dating services if you pay for membership you can contact other members who signed up and they can reply to your email. Not so with Zoosk. If you are interested in someone, they have to pay before they can reply to your email. Since most of their "membership" is nonpaid members, you have very few people that you can actually contact and expect a reply.
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    sunniJune 4th, 2010

    Just average

    Unlocking conversations - I unlocked one and it won't let me unlock anymore, unless i become a premium member. Anyone else having this problem?
Zoosk Reviewed by jonathan on . Zoosk can be a bit of a rip off : Review of Zoosk by jonathan. [firstcomment] Rating: 1