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Zoosk can be a bit of a rip off. You have to be very careful if you have premium membership as it will automatically renew and you will be charged. On most sites that have a membership you can cancel on the same day that you signed up and the benefits of you membership will continue until the date expires. Not so with Zoosk: By cancelling your premium membership now, you immediately forfeit all your premium membership benefits. If you wish to continue taking advantage of premium membership benefits before the next payment is due, cancel at a later time (before the next payment is due.) So you have to remember to cancel as close as possible to the cut off date. This is outrageous; I view it as a scam. Zoosk says this about it: “We hate worrying about paying bills as much as you do. That's why we automatically renew your membership so you have one less thing to worry about. Remember that you can always cancel your membership by visiting the settings page and if you are paying via PayPal, it is a onetime charge and will not automatically renew.”

The above statement from Zoosk is crap, it is only another way to extract money in a sneaky way, but they cannot do it with pay pal for technical reasons, if they could they would. They could easily change it so benefits of your membership will continue until the date expires, but they do not as extraction money from you in any way possible is the goal. The other things to look out for is coins, it will top up automatically if you don’t turn the function off. Zoosk should have the auto-refill set at off, so it you wish you can turn it on. Zoosk say this: “We want to make it easy for you to send gifts, unlock conversations, or send a special delivery to that special Zoosker. That's why we offer the option to automatically refill your Coins balance when it reaches 10 or less, so you have one less thing to worry about. Remember that you can always un-check this option when you purchase Coins by credit card, or by visiting Settings, and then Coins to turn this option off after your purchase. If you are paying for Coins via PayPal or bank transfer, it is a one-time charge and will not automatically refill.”

One less thing to worry about, what crap, they are hoping you will not notice that you have to turn it off. The price of gifts is outrageous, some gifts are 750 coins, which could cost at the cheapest rate .106 cents per coin would be 750 x .01067= $80. At the high end it would be 750 x.1578= $118.42 that’s eighty dollars for a virtual gift at the cheapest rate. How Zoosk can justify such an outrageous price for a virtual gift is beyond me. It’s just click spend money, click spend more money. On premium membership all gifts should be free, and charging up to $1.58 for delivery conformation and special delivery up to $2.37 is another rip off. In short Zoosk is a money extraction machine. I sent them an email asking to explain but all I got back from them was a copy paste answer, which did not answer ANY of my questions.

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    Donna_4428October 15th, 2011


    Thank you to all the comments, I was going to sign up to Zoosk but after reading all of the comments I have decided not to.
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    DaleHenryAugust 12th, 2011


    All dating sites are a waste of time and money. It is sad that someone has to turn to dating websites to meet someone just rather ask someone out in person.

    Richard_4630December 16th, 2011


    Replied to DaleHenry @Dale Henry Actually mate, people like me with aspergers syndrome turn to dating sites because we feel extremely uncomfortable around people, like in pubs and clubs we feel uncomfortable, so dating sites are our only hope of finding someone special.

    TizmaOctober 3rd, 2011

    Above average

    Replied to DaleHenry @Dale Henry All dating sites are waste of time if you are ugly. Nothing can help you if you are ugly. So get handsome.
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    BrockyJune 2nd, 2011


    Yeah it's a rip off I paid for 3 months got charged for 8 months at $100 then I'm now a premium member but I can't meet anyone because they don't show whose online and they don't let non paying members contact you most dating sites let you contact each other if one of you is a paying member. I downloaded the Zoosk Messenger as well and that has made no difference. I'm going back to
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    LovegotsaholdofmeJanuary 4th, 2011


    Yea i don't really like zoosk either i could never talk to anyone...i could only write them like twice....i think that's why guys put their number first so girls can see it when the message gets locked. Smart thinking. But i actually did meet someone on of the very first guys i started talking to so i don't need zoozk no more...gone with it.
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    Shane_3136January 3rd, 2011


    I was going to pay for a membership about 3 weeks ago on Zoosk for 29.95. When I went to do the payment thing, all of the sudden I got another pop up screen charging me an activation fee of another 29.95. There's nothing showing anywhere that I have seen about an activation fee. Naturally I clicked off of it and didn't put any cc information in. Then about 30 mins later I got an email from Zoosk waiving the 29.95 activation fee lol. What a rip. It shouldn't have been there in the first place. If they wouldn't advertise on tv with those commercials, maybe the joining fee wouldn't be so high. 29.95 is just too much for a shaky dating website.....beware.

    Frank_3341February 8th, 2011

    Below average

    Replied to Shane_3136 @Shane Same here. I balked at paying the $25 Activation Fee and clicked away, after entering all that info. Then, while I was still on the site ten min later, a banner appears informing me that my AF would be waived if I acted in 24 hours. I bit. $75 for six months is okay. I'm not getting into the whole coin scam. They will get $75 period, and I have some buyer's remorse over that. Yeah, plenty of "non-paying members", like 80%+! Shady as all hell. We'll see.
Zoosk Reviewed by jonathan on . Zoosk can be a bit of a rip off. You have to be very careful if you have premium membership as it will automatically renew and you will be charged. Rating: 1