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WhatsYourPrice is an online dating experience where members bid to go on dates with the cutest girls or guys. Basically the richest wins. It uses a credit system where generous members must purchase credits depending on the cost of their dates. Yes, really. It's not a joke!

If you're looking for "mutual arrangements", or "friends with benefits" types of relationship, this could be for you.

WhatsYourPrice is an alternative concept in dating where members essentially bid to go on a date with someone. Generous members offer to pay for another to date them, while attractive members can accept or decline offers as they choose (referred to as date buyers and date sellers).

How it Works

Typically, the "generous" members are wealthy older males, while the "attractive" members are young females either in full-time study or who find themselves unable to afford the cost of dating.

If this sounds a bit like a "sugar daddy" dating site that's not surprising -- WhatsYourPrice is run by the same company that created SeekingArrangement, a dating site where wealthy people hook-up with those of lesser financial means.

WhatsYourPrice is rich meets poor with a twist.

Membership Levels

WhatsYourPrice has two membership options on joining; you either join as a "generous member willing to pay for dates", or as an "attractive member who wants to get paid to date a generous member".

There are no charges for attractive members, while generous members can create a guest account free of charge but must upgrade by purchasing credits if they wish to pursue anything other than basic communication on the site.

The basic idea is generous members bid for attention of the site's cutest members.

The site uses a novel system where generous members must purchase credits depending on the cost they are bidding for a particular date. For example, dates costing between $10 and $100 will cost 20 credits. In other words, dates with attractive (and popular) members will cost more credits and are therefore more expensive.

Once the credits have been purchased, communication with the attractive member is unlocked.

The Bottom Line...

WhatsYourPrice is a "date broker" that earns its fees from the dates arranged on there. It was launched in 2011 and since has drawn in a sizeable membership of around 51,000 people.

Due to the nature of the site you should be aware that it is designed for those looking for "mutual arrangements", or "friends with benefits" types of relationship rather than serious romance.

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  • Avatar

    bebejairi21November 17th, 2012

    Above average

    too dine & laugh it was really sweet no obligation to do anything just company!!! plus he was really sweet he gave me a card,although it was a one time date i didnot lose anything & to be honest Who CARES! if we never went on a second date i got paid! to be entertained & its free for women! we dont have too pay just log in and see offers or put our own price on the guys!
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    Tina_4996March 18th, 2012


    This was an absolute waste of time and money. All the men are cheap and want to offer a date of £30, what makes it worse was that the few who did have decent offers, turn around and ask if sex is on the table! Complete and utter waste of time!

    Even the guys who seemed ok would then try change the price agreed on a phone conversation or end up never messaging you (back) with details of the date after the offers have been accepted.

    Don't waste your time ladies - especially not your money if you decide to go for the [fake] 'premium' membership which means nothing!

    Jessica_5038April 5th, 2012


    Replied to Tina_4996 @Tina You sound like an ugly duckling. I used this site and got $100 on my first date. Turned around went on a date with another guy for $80, now we are getting engaged. It's random I know but this site is full of gentlemen. I could see how you would get rough treatment if you are 300lbs overweight with nothing better to do in life.

    Tina_5044April 6th, 2012


    Replied to Jessica_5038 @Jessica Firstly, it's funny how you have so much rudeness over a computer. pathetic. You have not seen me nor do you know me...and if you did you would probably crawl under the whole you came from.

    Regardless, good for you that you met someone. My experience of the site was an utter waste of time, my highest offer (not counter) was £300 (around $470) but the douche turned around and asked for sex included over the phone...complete NO!NO! My main issue was that the guys didn't actually go through with the date, either not messaging, trying to reduce the price or just being pervs.

    Because you had an ok experience, it doesn't mean the site is perfect, my friend and I both went on the site and found it boring.

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WhatsYourPrice 3.14 5 A review of WhatsYourPrice. WhatsYourPrice is an online dating experience where members bid to go on dates with the cutest girls or guys. Basically the richest wins.