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WealthyMen professes to be a site in which women can meet a higher caliber of dating partner. Men are typically high earners, making at least $85,000 per year. Men can choose to have their financial credentials certified, after which a badge appears on their profile. is a dating service for rich professionals and those who want to meet them.

The Kudos

The site prides itself on its high ratio of female to male members, with around 70% of members being female. The owners claim to attract a higher caliber of individuals, and certainly on browsing there you will find numerous profiles of rich men seeking wives, and of attractive women, seeking affluent, financially independent men.

If you're a man of means then the higher ratio of women to men would be an added plus. The whole site is pretty basic and simple to use.

They do allow any prospective members to browse and join up for free. For those who want to, they can get their status verified. Otherwise it's on the honor system.

The higher ratio of women to men is an added plus for guys.

Membership Levels

Upgrading to a Silver or Gold membership will be necessary for both men and women in order to fully access features and view profiles. The site's patented verification process ensures that income and employment information is true and correct for those who opt to have their credentials certified.

What Do You Get?

Members have the choice of browsing by zip code, area locator or even by username. In addition, profile information can be updated at any time. There is also an option to create or join onsite member networks.

Once again, this is a site that's lacking in many features today's internet users have come accustomed to. Saying that, it does rest on minimalism and simplicity. There is no instant messaging or chat and creating a profile is a quick and easy process. Members whose income, picture and employment have been verified will have it denoted on their profile.

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  • Avatar

    jeniferMarch 6th, 2018


    do you wanna play online? lets play..
  • Avatar

    gayenFebruary 22nd, 2018

    Just average

    im single, pretty, sexy, cute and always available willing to chat if you want me and my email....hope to see if u r interested
  • Avatar

    AnnaMariaDecember 12th, 2016


    I only have one question. Are any of you born again christian men? Because I tell you this truth: money matters not. status matters not.

    The only thing that does truly matter IS whether or not you have decided to choose Christ Jesus as your Personal Saviour and Lord of your life. Because without Him in your life, you are nothing, and your life has absolutely no importance or value.
  • Avatar

    MaryseSterlinSineMay 16th, 2012


    I am really disappointed by their claim that everyone who joined this site has been verified unfortunately that is not the true. I have been scammed by one of their elite members which i reported to the FBI. Not only money was taken from me but even a gift received from was a fraudulent order. I would appreciate one of the people from customer service gets in touch with me immediately as I will be contacting the news to expose this site. It does not deserves to be rated.
  • Avatar

    misspiseyJanuary 2nd, 2011


    This site is very good they help people to find their soulmate.
  • Avatar

    MTOctober 7th, 2010


    Some error? I never got a link to register my account, tried several times.
  • Avatar

    SingleguyJune 1st, 2009


    Problem No. 1 - The web site claims the Following: "Verify any item (photo, profession or income) and get a Free Gold Membership." got my profession verified, but no Gold Membership.

    Problem No. 2 - Can only search by Country, not by Province or state. Don't know about you guys and girls, but I would like to be able to narrow it down to State or Province and Postal Codes in Canada. Would be nice.

    Problem No. 3 - Turns out these people think Canada and California are the same place. You can use the Browse Members and select Women, then Canada and click search, and you will get 5,511 results all listing user names and Canada Below their name. Yet when you click on the user name for more info you get where they are actually from example "bexxxx, Canada". Click on the picture and you get "bexxxx, 23 year old WOMAN, Miami Beach CA". Then I tried the user name "CanadianClass, Canada".

    Surely with the word Canadian in her user name, she'd be from Canada, wrong again, once you click the name you get "CanadianClass, 38 year old WOMAN, Miami Beach CA". Then I tried the name "aliesh, Canada" clicked the name and got the following "aliesh, 35 year old WOMAN, Miami Beach CA, I am an attractive female living in Calgary, AB. I am fit and energetic. I am pretty easy going. most of the time.... :). I like..., Looking for Marriage". It says Miami Beach CA, but they got it a bit better living in Calgary Alberta.

    Let's try a few more, Tried "Penny27, Canada" clicked on the name and got "Penny27, 27 year old woman, Miami Beach CA, I am a hard working woman that likes to try new things and have fun. I like to go camping, fishing, movies(scary), anything to ..., Looking for Just Experimenting, Penny27 has 3 pics: Last time I checked, Miami Beach CA was not in Canada, Anyhow, I think you get the picture.

    Sent them an e-mail about this, and they have not responded to it and have not responded to the Gold Member question for having verified by profession.

    Best of luck with these guys.
WealthyMen 3 7 A review of WealthyMen. WealthyMen professes to be a site in which women can meet a higher caliber of dating partner. Men are typically high earners, making at least $85,000 per year.