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Waytonikah is a dedicated matrimony site for those of the Muslim faith. The website is international and accepts members wherever they are. There's an accompanying app which lets you keep updated whilst on the go.

Waytonikah's aim is to provide "matrimony services in compliance with the Islamic Sharia". They even have certification to prove it and this is proudly displayed!

Searching available on Waytonikah is one of the most specific you'll find anywhere


You can get started with the app or by creating a profile on the website. Both ways are straightforward and can be accomplished in a few minutes. The profiles and matchmaking are as you would find on a regular site. You enter some details and can search for a partner of your choice. The main difference though is that people here all have a stated preference; and that is to meet someone of the Muslim religion.

Finding People

The searching available on Waytonikah is one of the most specific I've ever seen on a matchmaking site. As well as the usual "age, sex, location" preferences there are a raft of other very specific searches. You can search by what they do, what they look like and how educated they are. There's also a search to help find reverted Muslims, one for handicapped and one for finding "orphaned or poor girls" (or boys).

The other unique thing is that names are not displayed anywhere. Not even nicknames. So every profile is tagged with "user code". Profiles are well completed and you do get a sense about the person. Most also have pictures displayed which is a good sign.

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