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UrbanSocial is an all-purpose website where singles can find one another. There's a UK, American and Australian version and you can choose which to use when you sign up. To join you simply enter your details and wait for the confirmation email.

UrbanSocial aims to be an all purpose dating and singles events website

Finding Dates on UrbanSocial

When you first enter you're automatically enrolled as a free user. You'll then have a chance to fill in the "about me" section, and from there upload your photos and if you want even a video.

The free account gives you basic rights just to look around, use searches, and click and profiles. It's really just a "look only" preview. And to go beyond viewing you have to buy one of their upgrades.


The upgrade allows you to start instant messaging, and to read any messages that you've been sent. It also allows you a small discount if you go to one of their events.

The layout of UrbanSocial is simple, and conventional. It's a minimal design and everything is where you'd expect it making it easy to navigate. From the search list, you can go straight on to view a profile of someone you're interested in finding more about.

If you get bored of dating, there's always the UrbanSocial blog where you can glean a few tips on finding your next love.


True to its name, UrbanSocial does organize parties and events which are mostly in major cities. The website has an entire section devoted to this. From that menu you can search for events such as speed dating, singles parties, wine tasting and even singles holidays. If you're a member you'll get a small discount.

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