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Popularity 210,000 active users
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Gender make-up More women
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Twoo is a social dating network that you can use with Facebook, Smartphones and on your desktop with their app. To access chat and messaging you either have to buy credits or a monthly membership. When you buy credits you can boost your popularity so that you are more likely to get noticed.


There are several ways to signup on Twoo: Facebook, Website or App. If you signup with an email address (not using Facebook) there are a few additional steps required. The first thing they ask you to do is confirm your email address.

If you use Hotmail, Yahoo or similar, beware because the next step asks for permission to access your contacts. This is not altogether clear, however if do this it will grant Twoo access to all of your friends in your address book allowing them to send invitations to join. If you're fine with that just carry on and click ok (you'll need to give your password). Otherwise just skip that step.

Twoo really doesn't offer a different experience or add anything that you can't find on other websites/apps like Tinder.

The first thing I thought when I signed up to Twoo is that this is "Zoosk" under another name. I don't know if Twoo and Zoosk are one and the same - they don't tell you anywhere, but many things look strikingly similar.

Just like Zoosk, there's a boost feature. The more detail you add to your profile, the more popular you become. That is you "get boosted". Adding a photo is the first step, but filling in other sections like the personal text, personality section and compatibility will mean you rank higher up when people search. Twoo has lot of members, and if you don't boost yourself up in some way the chances are nobody will ever discover you.

Twoo Payment Systems

Just like Zoosk they have two payments systems. These are:

Credits: This is similar to Zoosks coins, in that by gaining more credits you can increase your popularity. It's kind of like buying friends. You can buy credits and then use them to increase your popularity in various ways such as spotlighting yourself, or boosting your rankings. Credits also let you do things like send priority messages.

Subscriptions: The second payment system is a straight subscription. You simply signup for a period of time from 1 month to 12 months. Naturally, the longer you sign-up for, the cheaper the monthly cost. One month will currently cost ,£8.99 or $15.

Once you become a subscriber that opens up unlimited email. After upgrading you can also see who likes you - added you to their favorites, as well as being able to check if your messages have been read.

There's also something called message in a bottle. This is basically an email that gets sent out to random strangers in the Twoo community. Twoo claims this is a good way to strike up new conversations with people - though some people do get annoyed by these non-personal messages popping-up out of the blue.

Bottom Line

For me, Twoo really doesn't offer a different experience or add anything that you can't find with existing websites/apps like Tinder. On the plus side, the monthly cost is quite low compared to many top dating sites.

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