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TryDate is simple dating app that lets you connect with people. The app keeps your full profile hidden until you really connect with someone. That helps you to focus on personality instead of looks. Messaging is free.

Finding People on TryDate

TryDate shows you people in your area using your phone's current location. If this isn't what you want to do it lets you set a preferred location. You can enter a furthest distance setting which will restrict matches to people within your search radius.

Once you've set your preferred location it'll start to show matches but only those who are compatible with your basic dating preferences like age and sex. If there are no matches, the app will scan out a further distance. This requires a bit of experimentation.

Mutual Matches

Like most other dating apps, TryDate works on mutual matches. You swipe left or right depending on who you like and who you don't.

If you like someone and they like you back, that makes a match and you can start to chat with that person.

Your gallery pictures and full profile won't become visible to the other person until a match is made. TryDate says this helps people to concentrate on deeper things such as personality over looks. But it also means your personal profile is protected from prying strangers.

There aren't any complicated personality forms to fill in. TryDate uses your swiping preferences to learn which type of people you might like and it shows you those people.

Spontaneous Connections

If you're bored with swiping and want to be more spontaneous the app gives you a second option. It lets you fire off messages to people you haven't yet matched with. But this feature is limited. You can only send to a few people at a time.

TryDate hasn't been around for very long. It doesn't have a huge pool of users as do other apps like MeetMe and Happn. It is a simple and fun way to do casual dating. Though there doesn't look to be a lot separating TryDate from the many other apps out there. The main thing it has going for it are that it's free to send messages. On many other dating apps you have to buy an upgrade for that privilege.

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