t The Inner Circle
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Cost Standard $19.99
Popularity 241,000 active users
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Gender make-up More women
(2 to 1)
Better for men

Inner Circle is a lifestyle app that's for professional singles. It is only active in certain major cities around the world.

This dating app is another that works on exclusivity. The goal is to get you better dates. But the verdict is still out on whether this concept actually works or not.

The app is closely tied to social media. Before you can do anything you need to be accepted into the club by going through their pre-screening.


To be accepted you will need to connect with a Facebook or LinkedIn account. You can also get invite recommendations from friends through your social media account. That works as an introduction.

If you don't have social media, you're out of luck because there isn't another way to register at Inner Circle.

Once you get inside you can set your ideal partner preferences. You can also add your favorite bars, restaurants and hang outs that you frequent in your own city.

The app works on mutual likes so to match with someone you have to like them and they have to like you back.


Inner Circle lets you sign up for free but to do anything worthwhile you must pay to become a full member. Full membership starts at $19.99.

Going further than simple date matching, Inner Circle also arranges exclusive live events in major cities.

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