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Tastebuds mixes your love of music with your love of people. It's an app that helps you connect with people who share your taste in music.

Tastebuds is different because it isn't just about dating.

Though people certain go there to find love, Tastebuds is also a community of people passionate about music and the arts.

Creating a profile

When you signup you'll first be asked to provide some essentials like gender and where you live. Once you go inside you can get to work on customizing your profile to make it personal and make it stand out.

The main profile section has some stubs to guide you through each step. Example questions are "If I had a million dollars" and "Me in three words". This is great because these snappy questions make Tastebuds profiles more interesting to read than the pages of rambling text you see on some dating sites.

Instead of sending a flirt, you can send a song.

Tastebuds lets you add some style by entering songs you like, artists, and even your events. The "Tastes" section is where you can add collections and specify your favorite artists. As well as adding an "about you" section you can also add a question that visitors to your profile can answer. That way you know a bit about the person before communicating with them.

Under the profile menu you can add more specific details about yourself including your religion, ethnicity and a bit about who you are looking for.

To finish off, you can add a Facebook-style cover photo that will display on your profile page.

Meeting People

Meetings on Tastebuds work in much the same way as other dating sites. Instead of sending a flirt, you can send a song. The search is straightforward but effective. From People, click "top buds" and it reveals a menu from which you can set your search criteria. It lets you enter age, city, the relationship they are looking for, and more. Quick searches let you find people last online or new members. A music-matches button helps you match people who share your musical tastes.

Under the Facts section of each profile it tells you when that person was last online. That's good to know since you don't want to waste time trying to contact someone who's not been on the site for months or years even.

Tastebuds profiles more interesting to read than the pages of rambling text.

Upgrades - Backstage pass

Tastesbuds is free to join and use but it also has a premium membership available called backstage pass. The main benefit of premium membership is that you can send and receive private messages. Free members can only post public messages on the wall of other users so all of their chat is public. Paying members can switch off ads. They can also surf anonymously if they choose.

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