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  • Avatar

    Angel777July 22nd, 2015


    Do not meet with CarolinaMarine from NC either. He is a scam artist who wants to keep you continuously talking about what you will do once together and then he tells you he is going to show at a certain time and never does a huge waste of your time.
  • Avatar

    daviidbuJuly 3rd, 2015


    There is nothing free and they lock you out of account so you can't cancel subscription. I did not even give these people or site my payment information o dont no how they got my payment information and that is scary
  • Avatar

    ASUDTAugust 31st, 2014

    Below average

    I have been a member of this site a couple of times and have met some people there is person generally those with a number of children, no job or income seeking someone to completely support them financially between 2,000.00 per month and up. I have never met one person outside the local area that did not scam for money in some way basically asking for money so they can travel to see you. This will be followed by , some disaster where they request more money: to make the story short, they never show after you lose hundreds of dollars believing their lies.

    Beyond this, many profiles have an age range that you might fall into however 90 percent of them will not respond to older men. As with most dating sites, age discrimination is alive and well. Lastly there are some percentage of women on the site doing the Nigerian scam activity. Those would be the ones asking you to write them on Yahoo mail or yahoo messenger. I have yet to meet even one attractive college woman on this site that desired to meet. The websites "Seeking an arrangement" . com and F-book are nothing but a joke don't waste your money you'll not meet anyone but people trying to sell you some online book or selfie video.
  • Avatar

    Mary888January 11th, 2014

    Below average

    Gotta agree with the other commenters. There are better options out there than this site. And as the review points out, how do you really know that someone has the "sugar status" that they claim to have?
  • Avatar

    KevinS66May 9th, 2013

    Just average

    This is like the date site for everyone, I like the fact that it has different levels of membership cause then you can choose the rate you want to pay and you're not just stuck with one rate not being sure if you want to pay it or not.
  • Avatar

    bathgirlDecember 18th, 2012


    I have the same problem! I signed up for a free 3 day trial offer and made sure to send a cancelation notice before the trial ended, but it was never canceled. I have sent message after message, email after email. It shows when I log in that I have an active membership. I never signed up for that! And it's scary because I'm not even working, they can't bill me or charge my card because ther's no money in my account!

    I feel panicked and I worry that it will show up in my credit report or something. I also wanted to be discreet about this, so I would hate to recieve any bills in the mail that family members could see and ask me about.

    Bottom Line: Any site that doesn't have a contact number to call them directly should be avoided.
  • Avatar

    Angela_5033April 3rd, 2012


    Ladies watch out for this guy savvey4u on the site..don't meet him I did..let's just say police are involved.
  • Avatar

    koolMarch 13th, 2012


    i have been trying to cancel my account for atleast a week n 1 day now and its been overly impossible. i have written and emailed them over 5 times. this site has to be the worst site ever.... i wish i could give it 0 ratings completely. your better of trying on its a much better site and customer friendly.
  • Avatar

    ZiporhiaFebruary 7th, 2012


    This site is a complete and total scam! They wrongfully collect your credit/debit information, by offering 3 days of free membership. When you try to cancel they do not and continue to bill your account. It is impossible to contact the company, because their direct number is an answering service! And not the company's number!
  • Avatar

    MUSA_4832February 2nd, 2012

    Below average

    Hi, I'm 17 years old girl want to meet nice guy until age 17, I want a lot of money, fun and entertainment.
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