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Sorry, if I could give zero stars for I would, and this is because of a number of reasons:

1) Although it seemed great at first, I began to notice a pattern. Every once in a while there would be a supposed SD that would message me. So after reading his profile and him catching my attention, after I clicked on the "reply" button, 'surprise!' I get sent to a page prompting me to upgrade. As I mentioned earlier, I thought nothing of it at first. But then it became obvious and that's what brings me to.

2) After making several attempts to cancel (as described in #3) and to no avail, I deleted everything on my profile, and replaced all text with, "Please SDFM delete my ad. It's been fun but I must go now". Even hid my add and all of a sudden a bunch of guys with the phoniest looking profiles messaged me and sure enough, out of disbelief, when I clicked on them, the site brought me to a page prompting me to upgrade!

3) Cancelling is an act of Congress -So, the website emails me and states that he notices I'm attempting to delete my ad. He then advises me to request via their online customer service link. So I do, and then shortly after, I receive an email showing me a graph with statistics on it showing where my ad currently is and where it could be if only I upgrade my membership again!

4) So when I replied and asked them to please; for the love of Pete please stop sending me phoney, made-up ads and also please get rid of my profile, they reply with a trouble ticket # and an irrelevant email that addressed how to reply to profiles? Wow.

SDFM is unprofessional, cuts corners, and shamelessly practices shady promotion tactics. Just look at the many reviews on this site that give SDFM 5stars. Yeah right; the 5star reviews on this page for more proof! Be aware and be safe.


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    LatingoddessMarch 27th, 2012


    What are the websites? This website has given me nothing but phony guys claiming to be rich and are looking for a girl to spoil. There really aren't any guys on the website making more than a million or even at that 100,000. This site is a fake. The men never reply and if they do they ask to only see nude photos of you and that's all. This is all so dumb. Oh and the guys that are supposedly making "alot" of money don't have the full assess membership so they always send you to a different site to upgrade, just so you can talk to the guy. It's really unprofessional.
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    MiiaTihulaFebruary 15th, 2011


    I am not sure what is wrong with this site, it has been ok before, but now since yesterday I get my texts all the time rejected, also texts, which were accepted before. My friend abroad also wrote to me a nice profile text, but they simply reject all my texts!
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    BlaiseNovember 6th, 2010


    Well although Patrick has had no qualms with this site SDFM many others have and I am one of them. I tried to cancel the 3 day trial with no reply from any of the e mail addresses they have put on the site and none of the phone numbers work either. There are TONS of complaints against them on the BBB site and ripoff report wish I wish I had checked out before hand. Stay away from this site.
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    Tricia_2363July 15th, 2010

    Below average

    I have been around scouting out the dating sites around and to be honest most of them would love to not have fake people on there sites because it devalues the reputation when a member gets scammed. Anyway getting to the point the three best sites i have joined that are purely for discreet dating that verifies every member and that give value for money. These are sites that goes beyond the roof to make sure every member is real and income is verified. You should check them out if you really want to find a real place for love, romance or just a rich guy to take care of you.
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    PatrickMay 18th, 2010

    Above average

    Don't be paranoid! The popup that is prompting for upgrade is an automatic thing. It doesn't mean that's a spoof profile put there to get you do sign up, lol... I've seen these on every single dating site i've been on. When you click something you don't have access for, you get the upgrade 'now message'. I used SD4M on and off for about 6 months, met one woman from there in person, and chatted online with quite a few others during that time. I never encountered any of the problems you talk about, and in all it was a positive experience. The only incident I had was being contacted by a scammer who claimed to be "stuck in an African city" and needed cash assistance to get home. It was such an obviously a scam, and I just reported her using the complaint box and blocked her (actually I think it was a guy really) from making contact again. Quitting the site was also no problem. I checked the method of cancelling before I even paid any money over, because I wanted to be sure. There are instructions on how to cancel your membership posted on the site. I did what it said, and it was done without any problem. I never heard from them again.
SugarDaddyforMe Reviewed by MissLucky on . Sorry, if I could give zero stars for I would, and this is because of a number of reasons: 1) Although it seemed great at first, I began to notice a pattern. Rating: 1