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Better for men is a different kind of dating site where pretty girls can meet wealthy men who want to spoil them and pretty boys can meet older women.

Getting started

To create an account at you just follow the on-screen prompts. You will need to think about a good user name because most popular ones seem to be taken. Then just add an email address and you're all set.

You can delay completing the personal bits on your profile and adding a photo but you do run the risk of having your profile deactivated if left too long. Until you profile is approved you won't be able to do anything other than browse.

Most sugar daddies show how much they earn.

All new accounts start as guests. A guest account lets you to browse around and check out profiles. You will not be able to send out emails to most other members, but there are a few exceptions (see below).

On your profile, you will need to choose your status as one of sugar daddy or mommy, or a sugar babe. Sugar babes can be male or female.

Alternatively, you can declare yourself as attached and seeking an extramarital affair. The relationship types are very flexible.

You will have the choice to show your income on your profile. Most sugar daddies tell how much they earn but not all do. Sugar babes also have the choice to put that on their profiles. There is no verification of this so remember everything is on trust.


Once inside you'll find the layout is a no-frills affair but quite easy to understand. It is organized around your personal home page with a handy control panel. The panel gives you an instant overview of your progress so far. It tells you who likes you, who you like, and it has quick links to the mailbox and to your privacy settings. From here you can edit your personal page, and add new photos.

Finding Sugar Daddies or Sugar Babes

There are dozens of ways to search on And if these choices aren't enough they also post a featured member on each page which you can click on.

Clicking search from the menu gives you the choice of easy search or an advanced search. The easy search just lets you choose the relationship you want and a distance from a zip code. This is great if you're in the United States. Searches for other places to tend to throw up some hits for people in areas you don't expect. The searches can be a little slow.

Guest members are not allowed to send messages until they upgrade.

One tip is to use the check boxes that let you hide profiles that don't have photos. There's another check box that lets you search from members who're currently online.

If the easy search brings too many matches, you can move on to the advanced search. The advanced search lets you filter on other things like race, marital status, income and personal appearance. Once you click the search, you will then see a list of matches if any exist!

The paid plans are Platinum and then Diamond, which is the more expensive.

Messaging and Upgrades

Guest members are not allowed to send messages until they upgrade. There is one exception though. Paying members can pay extra for something called "full contact". That means anyone can send them messages. Even free members.

The paid plans are Platinum and then Diamond, which is the more expensive. Both plans are monthly and let you send an unlimited number of messages. Diamond lets you store more messages.

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