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My experience contrasts with some of the experiences listed here. First of all let's be clear about the concept of entitlement. I found the site to be very forthright in its statement of service and appreciated the fact they did not automatically renew but instead made you renew on your own. The site owners are honorable and decent people - the users, not so much. While you may be looking for a sugar daddy to make your life a little easier there should be at least an expectation of reciprocity. That is not to say you need to give sex for support.. but it does mean you shouldn't expect anything more in the way of companionship than you are willing or able to give. Within the first month I was on I was approached by one girl to provide her $250 so she and her little girl could go to SeaWorld... just like that... never met her, never had any hope of meeting her... never more than one simple e-mail to say Hello and I was already being asked for $250 so she could go enjoy herself in her area with her little girl. Now I am compassionate but I am not obliged to enable someone else to exercise their narcissism.

Another woman asked me to buy a round trip airfare for her to fly across country to do some business and of course I would be able to do something with her while she was here. That went unanswered as it should have... if you lead with a request for money you should expect that any person would look at you as simply a user. Plain and simple. Don’t expect someone to drop what they are doing just to help you out of your personally achieved crisis. One more thing: Pretty Woman was a movie - not a way of life. Prostitutes and very “well to do” handsome men do not end up living happily ever after at the end of the movie where they effectively used each other because now they care for each other. If you see the world as a place that owes you something then you are being unrealistic in your expectations - even on a site that calls itself

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    Bright_4554July 21st, 2017

    Above average

    i am looking for a lovely white lady to go into a serious relationship.
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    bibasinghJuly 21st, 2013


    Yes we agree what David Porter has said
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    Ashley_3700April 25th, 2011


    I have used the site and have had awesome results! I now have a sugar daddy of my own. We have a mutual understanding of what both of us wants in our arrangement. And we are both very happy with it! If for any reason my SD and I part ways, sometime in the future, I will def come back to this site to look for new interests! Reviewed by DavidAPorter on . My experience contrasts with some of the experiences listed here. First of all let's be clear about the concept of entitlement. Rating: 4