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At you get to see and chat with your date online for 5-minutes and figure out whether or not they are right for you. If there's chemistry, you click yes at the end to indicate you'd like to take things further. Speeddate is a pay site. Guests can create a free picture profile but can't communicate until they upgrade. brings the popular concept of speed dating into the on-line world.

How it Works

It works this way: members join for free; they enter some basic personal information, and, within minutes, the site begins to introduce new members to compatible speed-dating partners in their area. Then, using a patented technology, members begin to embark on 5-minute "speed dates."

Online Speed Dates

During these speed dates, which take place over live video and audio channels, the members have three minutes to chat with one another (see here what's available).

If there appears to be "chemistry" after those three minutes, members can elect to continue chatting. If the speed date goes really well, members can contact one another and arrange a real-life date. Members can go on up to 15 speed dates per hour.

The problem I found here was that of trusting the other side you are talking to.

Who's it Good for?

If you are tired of writing lengthy profiles for on-line dating services, and who want to start talking to other nearby singles right away, it might work for you. It is great for impatient people, and people who do better at one-on-one communication than they are at writing elaborate advertisements for themselves.

Speed dating does add a bit of excitement to the world of online dating. It doesn't have to be about waiting anymore. However the problem I found here was that of trusting the other side you are talking to. There isn't any way to verify where they are or who they are.

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  • Avatar

    speeddatingApril 22nd, 2020

    Just average

    I appreciate the information provided by you. This is interested to know about speed dating
  • Avatar

    AutopartsonlineApril 3rd, 2018

    Above average

    On-line dating doesn't have to be about waiting anymore.
  • Avatar

    WilliamSmith114May 8th, 2014

    Below average

    I too have noticed that many of the women on this site lie about where they're from. They'll give some city,like Dallas,Texas or Chicago,Illinois,or Seattle, Washington, but then when you probe further, they all admit that they are from Russia.

    Sometimes I think they're all the same woman pretending to be all these different super-models from all these different American cities and when you confront her on it, she turns around and says that she's from Russia.
  • Avatar

    hoffman_deanOctober 23rd, 2013


    Total scam. 'members' contact you, but you need to pay to get any info. each and every 'message' they send you.

    Every time you sign on there are 'members' who want to contact you, but there always the same lame women, which tells me they're on some kind of speed payroll.

    It's all a set up to get your money.

  • Avatar

    candymaannAugust 15th, 2013


    Fraud at it's best. They send you bait then lure you to become a premium member to interact with other members. But they will not tell you that other member also needs to be a member to interact with you. Most members are not paid members and they are also getting same lure as you. There is no honesty in this dating site. This site is other internet money losing scam. Please check review before paying money. All the pretty girls are fake only old ugly girl exists there who needs baby sitting.
  • Avatar

    roy_hollisJune 8th, 2012


    Watch out for scammers on this site who lure lonely older men into paying for their airfare so they can meet you. This website is loaded with them!
  • Avatar

    dmdMay 15th, 2012


    Stay away! I have been being billed $39.95 mo. from speeddate. I don't EVER remember agreeing to ANYTHING with the word "date" in it, esp for $40.00 a month. If my credit card company doesn't credit my account, I am looking into getting an attorney and opening a class-action suit against, and all you people complaining, I AM GOING TO NOTIFY YOU TO FILE A CLAIM TO GET YOUR MONEY BACK....THAT'S HOW P.O.'d i am!!

    candymaannAugust 15th, 2013


    Replied to dmd Please add me in. I am with you.
  • Avatar

    Jay_2405April 22nd, 2012


    This dating site is a Joke. They nickel and dime you to death. Cannot see your likes without paying, cannot see your email without playing and after 4 min of chat you have to pay $16 to continue. People may have better luck with Plenty of at least they don't charge outta the ass for services.

    Don't waste your time here.

    cleaner.wcJune 14th, 2012


    Replied to Jay_2405 Why on Earth don't you folks go to Facecrook. They are even better scammers BUT - 100% FREE.

    I am not saying Speeddate is OK or not OK< but what really sucks that all of you losers think you need to get everything for free. I bet your local supermarket doesn't charge you for shopping your grocery, cause - it should be free, huh?

    You FREE folks are all so sick! Really.

    terriehanJanuary 29th, 2013


    Replied to cleaner.wc Well not all people are greedy and get over paid like so many other people sitting on their A$$es. Join the real worldâ�,�¦
  • Avatar

    kkonthemicJanuary 11th, 2012


    Site is a rip off, I want my money back! Right now!
  • Avatar

    john_4727January 6th, 2012


    Why do you not have a contact /customer service you have people who need to ask a question and they can't it's nowhere on your page. I'm very upset i had a simple question but trying to find away to contact you it's very frustrating! And your support sucks it say support/faq and its only faq no support. I only wanted to know why i made to finish profile before i can veiw mail in my in box but now i want to know who came up with a no customer service and no support site. Very unhappy very very frustrated. 1.49 54 A review of At you get to see and chat with your date online for 5-minutes and figure out whether or not they are right for you. If there's chemistry, you click yes at the end to indicate you'd like to take things further.