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An honest review! I think I may have been banned from creating a new profile. I will say I was bored and wanted to chat with some friends that I know are featured and go in there. Have I met some great people, YES.. I have. I have met many friends, though I don’t really think SinglesNet had much to do with it other than this is where is all started. I am in Colorado, and we started making Meet and greets.

Where you didn’t have to date, you could just go meet a bunch of people. We go out dancing, go to lunches, and find fun things to do. Hey we are single, and many of us are divorced and don’t have a great network of single friends. So, this is what we did. I will say, I really didn’t find too many "datable" men on there, but hey maybe I am picky. I have been on numerous dating sites, and had more dates from some of the other sites I was on. I paid on SinglesNet when I first signed up.

Then I said, why am I paying? I have not met a single man that has held my interest, or that wasn’t a total jerk (as far as dating goes) - Most of the people on SinglesNet, you can see them on other sites as well. So, why pay to chat with friends? That was my thought. I am glad I have made friends on the site! Many of them are now on my yahoo. So, we can talk on there.

I enjoyed SinglesNet when they had Chat for free. I was able to escape for a bit and just have fun. Not that I think chat is great for a dating site. Really, it turned up some great issues! Women would get jealous if a certain man was speaking to you and not them. I used chat as a playground really. I just wanted to have fun. Yes, if I met Mr. Right that would be a bonus, but I really didn’t count on this happening. I had 70 year olds hitting on me.

Had a few of the scammers. Honestly, I think a site that has chat is good, for a finding friends site. I think many people were turned off by the “hey we let you chat for free for months.. but now we are going to make you pay”. I don’t even think there really was warning, or an email sent. I could be wrong. But boom, one day people just started dropping off. Sometimes, you have to recognize the people that were there prior to your needing to change.

Yes, I thought about paying... but really to chat with friends? The "matching" that they do on the site is ridiculous! There are no parameters set. I think it is only people that are near you. If you are a woman seeking a woman, you are thrown into a different chat than the rest..

I assume the same is true with men seeking men. - I wonder where the BI people go? You can’t go in both! I think what it really comes down to on any dating site is this... When it is your time to meet someone YOU will. When it is RIGHT it just is. I could be wrong, Obviously, I don’t have all of the answers.. I just have my opinion!

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    chuckFebruary 16th, 2012


    Singlesnet is a joke it has maybe 40 people that pay! If you want to fight that site would be a good one for's definitely not for dating... Customer Reviews

Add your review Reviewed by dinopsych on . An honest review! I think I may have been banned from creating a new profile. I will say I was bored and wanted to chat with some friends that I know are featured and go in there. Rating: 2