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Gender make-up Men/women equal
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SinglesCanada is for Canadians but welcomes singles of other nationalities. It allows you to search for people living in other areas as well as Canadian provinces.

SinglesCanada is at first glance a small site for Canadians.

It's part of a bigger dating network which operates a whole range of other apps and websites of various themes and focuses.

On accessing SinglesCanada you'll come into contact with other members from other sites, not necessarily Canadians. The membership figures, and numbers "online" can therefore be misleading. Performing a search will often reveal the majority of members in other countries.

What's Inside?

The site provides a decent selection of features including an advanced search, an online chat system, SMS alerts and of course email. There's also matchmaking tools to help you locate your perfect soulmate (see below).

Free members can send flirts, messages, and search but cannot reply to emails they receive. Members also have access to a range of compatibility matching services once they've completed their personality test. "Soul Match", "Star Sign Match", "Select Match" and "Sensual Match" all examine different personality traits and try to automatically suggest matches who'll be compatible. "Super Match" combines the other tests into one.

Sadly the low numbers make it a bit of a let down - bigger websites for Canada include's offering.

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  • Avatar

    RistoMarch 13th, 2017

    Avoid is a scam! Fake contacts to get you to buy their service. Once you realize this and terminate your profile they will not take your information off thier site. To add to that they spam email you to death. Then they put your information on their other spam sites where their is no way to terminate, and they email you to death. BEWARE!!!
  • Avatar

    AxNilsJanuary 11th, 2012

    Below average

    I agree with the user who said "This site IS crap". Really - you have to pay monthly fee just to be able to read messages or even look at the card someone sent to you?

    So, it's free only to create a profile and that's it, but you are not allowed any interaction with other users unless you pay. Bullcorn!
  • Avatar

    AdultChatNovember 3rd, 2011


    Canada Singles is a really good singles dating site. Lol,Hitz is it valid to plentyoffish??? I am sure i will hook so many. lol
  • Avatar

    HitzFebruary 8th, 2011

    Below average

    This site is crap. Most of the users are not paid user so they can't read your message. Also i think, lot of them are fake after free joining they send you lot of message & after upgrade your membership none of them reply to you. Even they show online but they still not interested in you. Anybody give me reason? I also personal mail id from user so they are scam. So please rethink to join this site. Everybody want true love but when you try to give no one wants that It also valid to plentyoffish, I bet you will going to find any fish there lol.
  • Avatar

    mike_2999December 7th, 2010


    Singles Canada looks like a really good singles dating site. I think I would suggest the site for the singles of usa and canada.
  • Avatar

    GailJordanM_CalgaryJune 18th, 2009


    We met on Singles Canada in 2007 and got married. He lived in Calgary and I was in Toronto. Long distance relationships do work, it was hard but we finally moved in together and got married not long after. Singles Canada is not free, but you can post your profile for free and for the cost of the service it was worth it. We both tried free online dating and the people we met there...well it was not worth it. Sometimes you have to pay to get quality and Jordan was worth paying for ;)
  • Avatar

    PatsyMay 11th, 2009


    This site was started in 1998. There are over 21 millions singles world wide. Join for a free trial.

    PatsyMay 26th, 2010


    Replied to Patsy @Patsy Singles Canada has been around for the longest and offers more dating services to singles worldwide. If you are looking for Black Dating, Asian Dating, BBW, Gay, Lesbian, Seniors, Disabled dating, Single Parents, dating for the Military, Adult Personals and sites for Transexuals and Cross dressers we have a site especially for YOU! If you have tried other dating sites, it is time to try the BEST.

    jonathonJuly 29th, 2011


    Replied to Patsy @Patsy, It is obvious you are part of the sleazy singlescanada scam site. As Hitz and I have said before, singlescanada sends fake messages and cards and then prompts users to pay them money. Patsy, you cannot scam honest individuals like me: Ha, ha.
Singles Canada 3.33 9 A review of Singles Canada. SinglesCanada is for Canadians but welcomes singles of other nationalities. It allows you to search for people living in other areas as well as Canadian provinces.