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    ShirleyHemphillAugust 9th, 2011


    This site is a total scam. 2/3 of the men on it are not single parents, or parents at all. They are looking to meet vulnerable women (I guess they think single moms are easy targets) or worse, they are looking for young children. Do not sign up. I have shared my concerns with the site but the only emails are get back are about upgrading my membership.
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    Linda_3354February 10th, 2011


    Hey Krunchy-It was scorpiolove45 total loser said the same to me tried to scam me but I turned the tables on him reported him to the authorities here in Canada...Me too just a Bullshitter trying to take advantage of woman...he took himself off the site mysteriously when I told him I reported him. Had the nerve to call me a liar when he is the one trying to scam woman. Same story here he was in Africa building bridges his kids were starving and he needed money. I will feed my kids before I will feed his.
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    MicheleFlanneryJanuary 30th, 2011


    I also wanted to include the fact that i find it very curious that every person who has asked me to write them back is using Yahoo for their IM or e-mail address. I don't use yahoo and other people i know don't always use yahoo, so again I have to wonder if the site has a special yahoo address and mailboxes that they use to hire people to answer their letters. Just throwing that out there to think about.
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    MicheleFlanneryJanuary 29th, 2011


    This site is absolutely a scam. I have had more people writing me professing their undying devotion and then after you waste your time writing them a couple of times, you never hear from them again. I don't think these people are actually real, I think the company just hires people to write these letters to dupe people into hoping they will meet someone. I have been on this site for 6 months and have only met 1 real live person. Shame on these people for scamming innocent people who are just trying to meet someone in their busy lives! Obviously this company has no conscience about hurting people, but i believe in karma and I'm sure someday they will get what they deserve for duping hard working good people. It's hard enough to meet people out there, life is too short to waste time on sites like these!
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    Jack_3105December 29th, 2010


    I'm glad I found these site reviews before joining (which I'm not). Can't trust anyone anymore:( sad story. Does anyone know of a good site?

    DelorisDecember 9th, 2011


    Replied to Jack_3105 @Jack This place has a lot of members without pics and who have no kids... Why would someone who is single and without any problem use a place for single parents?

    I had the same experience here, a guy named John. He supposedly was in my city but happened to leave to Africa the same exact day we started chatting. He sent me a pic of a girl saying that the girl was his daughter. I never get to talk to the little girl, he spoke an awful English and with a terrible accent. Then he told me a sad story that his daughter was sick and needed money and asked me to get a loan. Can you believe that..I'm not that naive.

    After I cancelled my subscription I bumped into the same guy in and instead of a girl he's got a boy...Wow same sad story and he apparently contacts and chats with a lot of people that he didn't recognized me.

    We will have a better bet to find someone decent in using high paid places. Why, think about it! If you are trying to scam or taking advantage of someone you need to place a lot of profiles, right? So you wouldn't go to pricey places such as Match, Perfect Match or eHarmony that validates the info of the profile member. Because they cost money that you don't have in a first place right? By leaving cheappy places we can take off the way guys who try to rob you, scam artist, jobless, abusive behaviors..Etc.

    I left the free and cheappy pleaces and I'm having better luck when it comes to scammers and people who loves to waste your time. By the way i don't work for any of these places. I just learnt this the hard way! I wish somebody would give this advice before all the drama!
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    KSDNovember 23rd, 2010


    I loved this site. I've met three very nice men who are wonderful fathers. I completely ignore any winks or other little notes, and just read the email messages I get. It's great.
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    TammiNovember 22nd, 2010


    I met three people on this site and two within a week of meeting them asked me for money and the third wanted me to deposit a money order into my account and then money gram him the money. What type of scams are going on here??? This is my first time on one of these sites and I will never get on again. I have taken myself off of the site.
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    Robert_2841October 25th, 2010


    Being a 48 year old single father of a 3 year old I've found that women my age don't want a toddler in their life. And women that want a toddler in their life don't want a man my age. I tried craigslist and only got responses from women that wanted me to help with their rent in exchange for going out with them, and a cross dresser (which was oddly the only honest person that replied!). So when I saw the banner for on Facebook - I thought I'd give it a try. Sure enough, you can sign up for free - but you can't do anything with that free membership. I was working on something for a couple of hours and then went back to the session to close it. As soon as I closed it I started getting emails - women were sending me messages, chat requests and setting my profile as a favorite! Say what? I followed the links back to the website - and I can't see any of them unless I pay. That seemed too fishy - so I decided to check around. If any of the messages were from women that are for real then they are due my apologies - but I'm not going to pay to use what was touted as a fee site. It's too suspicious how as soon as I backed out of the site I got the messages (come back - we want your money!)...
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    Jane_2729September 30th, 2010


    Beware of the hidden fees. The site claimed to charge $59+ for six months. $9.95 plus tax. I was charged $67.85. I thought people on this site are decent enough because they are single parent supposedly but apparently, most are lacking the manners. It made me wonder what kind of parents are these people. I don't know if it's possible to find a dating site that won't take advantage of the "hidden fees".
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    Mike_2684September 24th, 2010


    Just got separated. I found this site and thought I'd give it a try as a means to simply make some friends of the opposite sex (not ready for a relationship at all right now). I've had three flirts, all of whose profiles specifically want people to send their contact info. That same request is in each part of their profile greeting. One of the ones that flirted was the same girl as another of the profiles that flirted, albeit different pix. They also state that it's $14.95 on a month-to-month basis but have charged me $18.95. I'm going in now to deactivate my account. I hope I don't have any problems. Although there are definitely real people on there, beware this site, it reeks of scam.
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