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    AliApril 26th, 2009


    Not a very nice site to be a member of. People are so stuck up. People are just out for making friends more then finding a potential partner
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    KhanApril 19th, 2009


    I personally came across this site a few years ago and signed up. The membership fees are very high. I remember them going from �,£21 per month to �,£29, within a month after I joined. When I questioned why, I was told it was put up to keep the site running and if I didn't like it I could leave.. So I copy and pasted this e-mail into my profile for all to see and they must have seen it and banned me, surprise surprise. But they were still charging my Visa card months after. It took numerous e-mails for them to put a stop to it. And even then it was me in the wrong, apparently and I never got a penny back.

    I came across lots of fake profiles, and messages in my in box from people selling drugs on-online. Was a waste of my time and wouldn't recommend the site to anyone. Unless you wish to find out how to pick up pills on the cheap but yet pay �,£29 a month for about 6 months to do so.
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    SingleMuslimApril 13th, 2009


    A way to meet single Muslims. A very good idea on reflection, especially for people considering looking for a potential partner. On the set of the home page, it looks promising, with testimonials, pictures of members and models promoting the site. A good way to lure you in. But once you sign up, it's a completely different story. Firstly, particularly in the west, Islam conveys an inaccurate stereotype that women should be treated as "below" men. This is very untrue, in fact, Islam teaches equality of the sexes. But is this true when it comes to the site? No. The first main difference of the site is that women have a complimentary gold membership meaning that they can read and send personalised messages as they please. Men on the other hand, have to pay for such a privilege (and it's not cheap either). Call that equality? I call it exploitation. The site has clearly found a niche of single Muslim men and exploited them out of their hard earned cash only to get rejected, humiliated and made to feel like dirt from the comfort of their own homes. Why do I say this. The site is not monitored as strictly as it could be. There are far too many profiles that are fake (particularly female ones). A lot of the female profiles do not contain hardly any information about the person, and do not have pictures.

    Another problem (amongst both sexes) is the need to treat the site like a photo gallery. Being a dating / matrimonial site, you would expect some type of communication to take place. With most, it doesn't seem to be the case. There only seems to be a request to look at pictures and nothing more. I have found the mentality of the site users is to send a request to look at your picture and play the line "I would like to see who I am talking to" once you show them your picture, they refuse to show you their picture and restrict contact from you. A very vain, shallow and pathetic mannerism.

    There also seems to be a need to only meet people from a specific background or culture. With the site consisting mainly of Pakistani and Bengali people, a lot of the requirements are that the person who initiates contact must be of such cultural background. I never realised the site was pragmatically called Maybe the exploiters of the site should make a "" or "" website. It would surely make some peoples searches a lot easier.

    The site isn't all bad though, but probably stick to normal life to meet someone! 2.04 51 A review of Dedicated to introducing single Muslims, this site has a selection of eligible Muslim men and women seeking long-term partners.