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  • Avatar

    Asian_Deaf_BoyFebruary 20th, 2012


    I am not happy with website.

    I am deaf and use sign language, I have been a member of website over one year and I was looking to marry good muslim girl is hearing, not deaf and I was hope lots of girls will accept I am deaf and disabled in website.

    I have many times wrote message sent them inbox and also I been on java live chat with lots of muslim girls but sadly they blocked my profile, they refused to message reply me. They don't like to chat with me, they blocked me and I understand mostly lots of muslim girls are looking for muslim guy who are hearing, not deaf because they think it will be very difficult communications with deaf and also they think deaf is not enough skill knowledge.

    I tell you that muslim girls on website really misunderstand. Not good muslim, not good thinking, their horrible words!!! Because I have some deaf friends married their wives is hearing and have children, my some deaf friends been teach their hearing wives and children love learn sign language, deaf information, deaf culture, go learn sign language course in college, my deaf friends and their hearing wives really happy together and happy life and happy have got lovely children, respect and help each other.

    I let you know about I was surprise most Morocco muslim people, most Pakistani, British people in live java chat but few European people and few Indian or China people. A few different country people on java live chat single muslim. I know many muslim people's profile live from different many countrys still online in the website.

    I did been java live chat and message sent some muslim girls but they like friendly, not want marriage future because they know I am deaf and disabled.

    I did cancel membership over one year of expiry date but Customer Service was refuse give me refund because Customer Service did charge me extra payment and extra per month is expiry member. I told Customer Service about I need help me find good muslim girl and I thought they will be looking muslim girl of right matches for me but they refuse and won't help me. Customer Service is two faced, not help, not care, terrible, horrible, stupid!

    My advice to you about, and Pakistani Matrimony better than
  • Avatar

    malik_3058February 13th, 2012


    Sad, very sad ..i was hoping to find someone to marry on this site but after reading all the posts above i think it's best if i look somewhere else ..What goes around comes around and easy come easy go these liars will for sure pay one day ..
  • Avatar

    BearNeedsKeeperFebruary 9th, 2012


    I've joined single Muslim a week ago. Today they suspend my account including membership without valid a reason. They communicated but have stopped, and would not give me a reason nor a refund. I will be persistent in obtaining refund. People on the site seem fake, majority don't respond, and the ones that do with broken English.

    I do not recommend this website to anyone. It' says halal, gives out recites of the Quran. And we get sucked in. Absol. Fake. Lack of communication, costly for men free for women, which is unfair! And bring fake profiles, close account without reason, no refund, arrogant and rude. If I had read the reviews before I would have never joined the website.

    I believe this site to be fake, abrupt! And use of religious quotes to attract people. I will not be joining any other site. The experience has left me sad.
  • Avatar

    FRESHJanuary 10th, 2012


    I found my match on here & have recommended all my single friends to join & they in turn are telling their family/friends 2 join up!
  • Avatar

    Khan_4665December 25th, 2011


    Please be careful using They have auto monthly setup charge system. But, if you want to cancel it you have to give them 28 days advance notice to cancel your membership. I used it and canceled my membership 14 days in advance. I emailed them about the issue and told them that I have not used the site and I was not aware of the 28 days policy. They did not refund my money and responded very rudely without any consideration. They have Russian female site advertisement on their site which is quite ridiculous. Bad service, please do not use it.

    IbsJanuary 1st, 2012


    Replied to Khan_4665 @Khan Girls are just there to mess about. If everyone had to pay then it would be only genuine profiles. They setup con profiles to lure men into paying, it's a scam! Sisters, well half of them would not even qualify to be human let alone anyone decent to be called a sister. Stay away!
  • Avatar

    mumraAugust 31st, 2011


    Continue to get charged even after cancelling my account and they are not answering emails, most females on the account are inactive and do not respond, waste of money. Beware.
  • Avatar

    fatima_4101August 1st, 2011


    MashaAllah, a very trust worthy site, I absolutely honor the people who came up with this site. May Allah bless you all for helping out the ones who need to follow the sunnah of making halal marriage than making haram. I am so blessed that i met my soul mate and Insha Allah we are looking to get married soon. JazakaAllah Ramadhan Kareem.
  • Avatar

    AmnaJuly 25th, 2011

    Above average

    I have found my soul mate on It just seems as a miracle for me i am going to married a very great and nice guy. My Allah has blessed me with HIS supreme blessing in the form of a very nice and religious life partner. My best wishes are with all the users of SM specially with my Pakistani sisters may all of you get your compatible match soon Amen.
  • Avatar

    singleladyJune 21st, 2011


    I agree. I met my husband on there. He turned out to be the most arrogant and un-trustful person ever. Use to beat me up and treat me like a slave as well as his family! I would not recommend anyone to go on. I'm glad I'm out of it.

    Fatima_3695September 7th, 2011


    Replied to singlelady @singlelady That can happen even if you were introduced to husband via family / friends it's not the fault of the website. Sorry to hear that he treated you like crap.


    Ibrahim1June 24th, 2011


    Replied to singlelady @singlelady As-Salamu Alaykum, singlelady, I was really disheartened to read your comment regarding your husband, who you found via Single Muslim is a serious matrimonial site designed to aid fellow Muslims in their search for an ideal marriage partner. As with all marriage introductions, due diligence needs to be undertaken before a marriage is agreed to. Single Muslim recommends all site members include a parent or guardian in their search, as their support and guidance will be invaluable to protect them from unsuitable matches.

    We believe that if members use the service, with the correct intentions in-mind and with the appropriate support of their families they will find a suitable match. We hear of up to four success stories every day from our members. We believe we are the most successful and professional Muslim introductions agency on the web. If you wish to contact me directly, you can do so by going to the contact us page on and clicking on the 'Customer Care' email address.

    Ibrahim Islam
  • Avatar

    HussainJune 14th, 2011


    Be careful and be warned! I reported a female user for using foul language, and after investigation the guys at single Muslim said they took no action after reading the message exchange! The messages you send to other members should be personal, and certainly shouldn't be viewable by Single Muslim! I am sure this is a violation against your privacy rights. I agree with all the other comments, Single Muslim don't care about members as long as they see the money rolling in by male members! 2.04 51 A review of Dedicated to introducing single Muslims, this site has a selection of eligible Muslim men and women seeking long-term partners.