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Dedicated to introducing single Muslims, this site has a selection of eligible Muslim men and women seeking long-term partners. Most of the 68,000 or so users of SingleMuslim are from the United Kingdom though other countries are represented as well. Women are offered free complimentary membership. introduces men and women for romantic and matrimonial matchmaking.

You can join for free and create a profile with photo that details everything from physical traits and personality to religious affiliation and family background.

It's Free for Women

Women are offered a complimentary Gold Membership that provides access to all kinds of special features on the site, including email and live chat (more details). However men are required to pay to interact with female members on the site.

Matching System

Finding a compatible match will be easy thanks to the site's comprehensive search option. In addition, the site offers testimonials plus marriage and news articles to help members with their online dating experiences.

Family members are permitted to create a profile for a son, daughter or even friend. is a relatively small online matchmaking site compared to Muslima and others (full list). It has a focus on those of Muslim background, but openly invites individuals of all backgrounds, nationalities and race to join.

Family Members Can Be Involved

As is often the case with Muslim marriage sites, family members are permitted to create a profile for a son, daughter or even friend; however, all profiles will require a valid email in order to fully activate registration.

Unfortunately, has been tainted by poor customer feedback and numerous complaints. The expensive membership pricing, and the practice of requiring men to pay while granting females free access seems to be a common cause of grievance.

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  • Avatar

    User1July 2nd, 2018


    They are the worst ever, just after money and operate in bad faith and they will never get back to you with any suitable response. They just want your money and do not respect you in anyway.

    I had a membership for 29.99 which I cancelled straight away but they still charged me the following month same amount.

    When I spoke to them they told can't do anything and closed my account down. Very rude and bunch of idiots. Honestly shocking service the worst.

  • Avatar

    Traveller23February 27th, 2018


    From beginning of time, women were used to bring men. Car adverts for example. That's why men come. Plus women are a total scrooge, when it comes to money.

    So many women on that site are full of themselves. Got blocked by ugly women. I had one visible picture and the rest on private. Women use to request without sending any message. Funny thing, I read on women profile complaining men request without any message yet they do the same.

    Women love window shopping, and women get 4x if not more messages compared to men.
  • Avatar

    AbdulDecember 25th, 2017


    Alright first of all you hardly get reply from anyone on this site, you get tons of fake messages soon as your membership get expried and you'll be thinking finally I got someone who got me text. That's all a lie don't get traped with this awful site. Will never use it again and tell everybody not to sign up with them.
  • Avatar

    Muslim411November 29th, 2016


    Sorry not a fan of Single Muslim either..not my cup of tea. Their site is quite different than the other sites out there.
  • Avatar

    Fatima_5110February 3rd, 2016


    Salam, I am a member of and they pay me to chat with several single men. The thing is that you don't know that the girls here we have accounts and an office where we exchange mails with customers "Users" it like a working day basically we have several shifts during the day. This is mostly for girls who want to be paid by the user, but most girls are paid by the message and time we keep the user for each account. I am no longer working for this website because I was not paid. So here it is the truth it an eye opener for you.

  • Avatar

    AzzyAugust 30th, 2015


    This site should be banned
    Charge the low life bored women
    Tarted up gallery fake pictures
    Time passing wasting time
    Many married women on that site with kids,some have been married on that and come back divorced and looking for rich guys
    I would not recommend this filthy site not
  • Avatar

    AzzyAugust 30th, 2015


    Hi everyone this site is a dating chat room site ripping off men and the tarts on that pay nothing,bored housewives and widowed women looking for cash to pay their bills.
    This site should be banned
    The Admin are sponging off men to run that site not fair
    Desperate women and loose women on that

    I'm very annoyed with this site
  • Avatar

    ImaanJuly 12th, 2015


    Crap website, full of local Asian married groomers and drug dealers acting all pious. The moment you don't log on for a few days, you're bombarded by fake accounts with random pics. I noticed the **** used a pic of a married person from my family!!!

    The admins, stuck up pricks. You report someone with clear evidence and they will delete your account. You put your email or twitter username and the next morning your account is banned.
    I've not heard of any genuine success story. The people on there are the total opposite of what they state on their profiles.

    Oh half of the women on there from your area are the ones who have sh@gged about 100 guys from your from your home city, loafer around in shisha bars and act all pious on their profiles with sketty pics up. Like seriously?

    And many of the men look like shakti kapoor with boring personalities, can't even crack knock knock joke and they're out to find a kareena kapoor lookalike who's never left the house but has a degree with a well a paid job and has sense a of humour. Not forgetting how these dudes are over 35 and still searching on there for like 4 years.
  • Avatar

    RahimHasanMarch 12th, 2014


    Run by the Muslim extremists. This company is involved in human trafficking in Europe as it provides chance to get UK, IRELAND and other EU countries nationality by marriage services.

    I am 1 billion% sure these peoples are involved in ILLEGAL activities in UK. I know many students, illegal migrants who got nationalities in EU countries by this GANGSTERS website. The UK government must investigate thoroughly to make sure no one can have BAD-BUSINESS in the disguise of so-called matrimonial services
  • Avatar

    NONONOtosinglemuslimJune 11th, 2012


    I have been a gold member of Singlemuslim,com for one year. The next day of my one year membership I received an email stating that my membership was cancelled for non-payment. When I contacted them and told them that I had sufficient funds available in my bank account and at this point they told me that their bank had the debit card number that I gave them one year ago and since I changed the card, therefore, they could not take the payment.

    For the first time I heard that they are adopting uncustomary way of collection monthly payments after one year's subscription is over. Now they have asked me to buy another year's membership or pay at high monthly rate i.e. £30 a month.

    This website is absolutely disgusting and waste of money and time. I advise all the brothers and sisters to stay away from these cheaters.

    One more thing which I think to share with you that I created two different profiles at this website as a premier member and as soon as I finished posting the file, I received messages from fake IDs which needed payment to read and when I paid for one ID and replied the message I received and in response the girl replied, "OK".

    What do you understand by this? It means they write fake messages themselves so that you should pay them immediately to contact these "fake profiles".

    Please, please, please stay away from them. 2.04 51 A review of Dedicated to introducing single Muslims, this site has a selection of eligible Muslim men and women seeking long-term partners.