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Silver Singles is for the older, more mature woman or man. The site is owned by the Sparks group and offers a safe and convenient online venue for older people to find companionship, love or romance.

SilverSingles is where anyone 50+ can meet and mingle in a safe online environment.

Getting In

Signing up is free and takes less than a minute. After providing your contact details, you'll be asked to provide your location (or nearest city), followed by some particulars about yourself such as your appearance, occupation, marital status, and number children.

Once this is completed, your profile is created immediately and you can start using the site. Members can opt to stick with the free guest membership or go for the Premium option that gives them access to features such as instant messaging and chat.

Finding People

Finding other compatible matches is quite simple using the site's Ideal Match software. Once members find someone they would like to meet, they can send a message or ecard using their very own onsite personal email. The "Think You'd Click?" button next to member profiles allows you to see if someone is interested in you without the hassle of sending them an email. When you click this button, the site approaches the other member on your behalf to find out if they like you or not.

The Community

While Silver Singles focuses on the 50+ set, individuals of 18 years of age and older are still welcome to join. The site offers numerous features that will help you to find your perfect match, and while the member database is not huge, for those living in major cities, particularly the U.S., there should be opportunities to meet other local seniors.

The main drawback is the very low activity on the site.

Is it Worth It?

The features are fairly typical of other dating sites of this kind, the main drawback is the very low activity on the site - with only around 7,000 finding nearby matches can be tricky (depending on your location).

Other quality sites for the more mature include Senior FriendFinder and Senior Match.

The site also provides relevant dating articles, including tips and tricks for easing into the world of safe, online dating.

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  • Avatar

    RULookingApril 11th, 2021

    Below average

    i have been a member or a pigeon on this site now for six weeks -- i have tried various profile technics on how to present yourself on a dating profile and got a few profile vists -- however no answers to my smiles or messages -- i was for all purposes as they say i have and was GHOSTED -- to these end i did have a reply and was told i was romantically uninteresting -- hey harsh right -- but at least i had a reply --- After this time i now understand that i am now part of the growing proportion of men that have found them selves UN-dateable to woman -- This is now a thing and as i understand the stats say that 80% of woman are looking an are chasing the top 10% of men ( i fall into the the 90% that is left ) -- so criteria that woman place on what they are looking for in a men is extensive and is quite a long list -- and yes they have the right to expect what ever they want and "" you go girl !!!! "" --- i think this is why the growing appeal to overseas countries to search for love or the other alternative is the lady of the night in a PAYG ( pay as you go ) life style -- However getting of point -- i am 59 and i feel that as a member of the "" 90 percenters "" i will opt out of the dating scene and live my life the way i want -- do what i want and be who i am -- not want they want me to be !!!! -- so i DO NOT recommend this site for the simple reason that NO ONE needs to be told that you are romantically uninteresting and found to be undateable that is just negative projection no human needs that..........
  • Avatar

    DisappointedColoradoJanuary 26th, 2021


    Oddly there's a lot of smiley face interest, but most of these "Fake" people is just a way for the owner to make it look like these people are interested to keep you interested. Cause 8 out of 10 "so-called" happy face interest NEVER contact you back. You also have to be careful of "promotion" websites that may be (affiliated with the single's service) promoting a specific business with a bias opinion....even possibly owned by the very owners of this singles site being discussed here.
  • Avatar

    luvsmusicOctober 10th, 2019


    I joined Silver Singles in May, 2019 and was hoping to meet someone nice. I filled out a lengthy questionnaire, sent a picture and credit card information. The acquaintances they sent me were so far away, mostly profiles with no picture and statistics I did not ask for. Hardly worth spending time filling out the questionnaire as I got not one person close enough or compatible enough to have coffee with. I tried to end my subscription to this site early and it is impossible to get to anyone. I disputed this claim to my credit company and Silver Singles rejected it. I, thankfully only had a 3 month deal but I am totally disgusted with company and would recommend no one join it unless you enjoy talking to faceless people hundreds of miles away. What a waste of money and I will never join any online dating service again. Horrible, horrible, horrible!!
  • Avatar

    disappointingAugust 29th, 2019


    Mostly pictures of people that are not real. Catfish.
  • Avatar

    MadJune 29th, 2019


    You can't see other members other than the ones Silver Singles pick for you??? Absurd. I wish I would have known that before subscribing to this joke of an online dating site. They tell you to contact Customer Svc, via fax (ancient) on a Contact Form that is not found in the Help section that they say it'll be found. I am SO disappointed and upset that I got myself into this mess. It is pretty obvious as to why the site is rated 1 star.
  • Avatar

    OddJune 4th, 2019


    The initial signing up process is very intrusive. But alas, once completed you have a mass of apparent messages, smiles and photo uploads from other members which appear in your e-mail inbox. However, accessing any of these profiles is impossible without becoming a premium member. It is a scam from a bunch of heartless people who play with your emotions by making you feel that you have a whole array of potential partners interested in you because of what you like and dislike and of course from your uploaded photo's.

    I declined to sign up and commit to paying the premium prices, when I realised that I could not even UNSUBSCRIBE from the mass of e-mails with which I am being bombarded.
    I imagine there would be very little chance of getting any refunds or contact from these buffoons.
  • Avatar

    kjoApril 29th, 2019


    This site is awful! Forget trying to meeting someone.... Can't get near a "person" to get an answer, site just goes around in circles.......the signup pages are misleading.......was expecting monthly payment, no way to get questions answered.......I've been on other dating sites and this is by the far the worst.....80% of "dates" had no photo, can't even get this rating to post without 80 words......I've wasted enough time.....all I want is my refund due me! Good luck on that!
  • Avatar

    BudMarch 11th, 2019


    This site is a scam. Many of the people on the site are not real. The big scam is when you try and cancel, you can only cancel if one of their people cancel it. That means you have to talk to them and they refuse to do it. They continue to charge and threaten legal action. It takes a lawyer and threats of your own to get them to cancel by fax and registered letter and four to five months. Stay far far away from them.
  • Avatar

    SallyShigamitsu666January 1st, 2019


    I couldn't even register. The choices for marital status are Ever Married, Ever Divorced, Ever Separated or Widow. I do not enter a check in any of these boxes so I gave up and filled the rest of the questionnaire with garbage just for kicks. I won't pursue it since they obviously do not welcome widowers.
  • Avatar

    GWOctober 30th, 2018


    Phony site with phony profiles. IMHO! Have been catfished there too. Most too far away. Waste of money!

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