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My parents coerced me to join the site, but I recently had to call the cops on a member. While getting to know the member, he was asking inappropriate questions and asking for pictures of certain body parts. I rejected his interest, because I knew he wasn't serious. He then started harrassing me on the phone making sexual threats, name-calling etc. The sad part is is that includes your cell phone number on your profile to maximize your responses.

I wouldn't pick up his calls, but he would leave LONG messages taling about how "If you mess with me, I'm coming to your house to do this and that (insert sexual act here)" or "Don't whine about calling the cops. You're a fake and ugly b*tch." This is all b/c I rejected his interest and wouldn't answer his questions or show him the photos that he wanted. Sadly, the cops just said to change my number. They wouldn't do anything else to protect me from him.

Other people I have talked to weren't as bad, BUT they weren't looking for anything serious either. If you're looking for a fling, why the heck are you on a marriage site? Go to for godsakes. Are you that desperate that you have to pretend to be serious about someone to get some?

My parents were thinking that this site is so wonderful, but it's not. After calling the cops on this member, I'm completely turned off and don't want to get into that situation again.

Please stay away and stay safe.

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    RadhaMay 29th, 2012

    Just average

    I have had similar experiences on but at the same time i have just met someone recently who actually is very genuine. I just met him last weekend. He didn't lie. The picture was the same as what was shown. The phone conversations were genuine too. Same voice, Same Man.... But you have to be smart. If it seems like a fake account..delete and let the other person whom you were interested in know. Also stay away from phone numbers till absolutely sure. Don't talk anything personal till absolutely sure. Doesn't matter what the other person says.

    I put a temporary phone number from cricket for shaadi purposes till I was sure. Me and this man have decided to date for about a year or so till we are sure we want to get married and then take it from there. So it is possible. Just be smart about it. Because their are good and bad to every situation. Good Luck to everyone! I have had horrible experiences on Shaadi before but after what two years on Shaadi..I have met someone that I really like. Hopefully it will go in a direction that is meant to be.

    bavasJune 6th, 2013


    Replied to Radha It looks like you work for as everyone says.
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    NotfakeDecember 11th, 2011


    Just to add, it's a safer bet to use a track phone until you feel comfortable. Nonetheless, a person making threats to you is still a crime regardless if you gave someone your real phone number.

    Victim blaming isn't right and doesn't solve the problem.
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    KrissyNovember 25th, 2011


    Ya, right, Rajni - maybe you're hired by to promote the platform?? This is also a possibility. I had some bad experiences there, too -- meeting guys who obviously don't want to get married and are just looking for flings, I had phone calls late at night, bec premium members and accepted members have access to your phone no. It's really weird there. I met some guys who were genuine, but seriously... eh... it seems they chose the website bec there was no other way for them to get to know a girl... kind of nice people, but really out of this world. So that's my experience. I wouldn't expect anything from being on there.
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    Rahul_3944June 23rd, 2011

    Just average

    I think you people are too naive. You can use a temporary cell # to register with for example sign up for Google voice or something. Second, you need to use a separate email address for There are lots of weirdos surfing the web these days and signing up on various social networking websites. That doesn't mean we blame these sites. You need to use your intelligence. Even I'm on, however, my problem is different: most women on are ugly mallu aunties seeking a US citizenship.

    NotfakeDecember 11th, 2011


    Replied to Rahul_3944 @Rahul - Get rid of your victim blaming attitude. Many people give out their cell phone number online and don't go through this. Many people haven't had this experience on and If other sites have better quality people, what's going on with

    My parents insisted to give out my information, because they thought that was filled with pure and moral Indian men looking for marriage. They had no idea that an Indian man is capable of threatening to rape other women.
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    NotfakeNovember 29th, 2010


    Sorry to hear you went through that. Hopefully you can block that woman's e-mail? I don't think cares who joins. They just want the person's money. also told me that they had no evidence to incriminate the member, and to just call my cell phone company. Some Indians seriously need to wake up and realize that this stuff does happen in our community. Get off your high horse and quit living in denial. Even after knowing what that man on did to me, my parents still feel that is filled with pure and moral good Indian men. Yeah right. Reviewed by Disappointed on . My parents coerced me to join the site, but I recently had to call the cops on a member. While getting to know the member, he was asking inappropriate questions and asking for pictures of certain body parts. Rating: 2