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Shaadi is one of the longest running and most active Indian matrimonial sites in existence. With nearly 2 million members, they are responsible for numerous engagements and marriages across the world. Services are geared specifically to people of the Indian culture. Membership is offered for 3, 6 or 12 months.

Shaadi was originally created for Indian people living outside of their home country. There's another site, that's for people living in India.

Using cyberspace as a way to connect individuals worldwide, Shaadi is a smooth blend of modern technology and traditional cultural values.

Shaadi is suited to those looking for serious relationships leading to marriage

Those looking for their perfect match can do so by signing up for free and creating a profile that lists important details such as caste, profession, family history and astrological sign. Members can then search by location, keyword or profession.


While Standard Memberships are provided with a number of features, a Premium Membership grants unlimited use of email and chat. This allows for better interaction with potential matches. has a ten year history as a resource for matrimonial matchmaking for Indian singles. The site provides a telephone number and live help for those who may need any extra assistance. A profile can be placed by an individual or family member; however it must first be approved by moderators.

The Community

With around 482,000 active users, Shaadi is currently the biggest and most well known matrimonial site that exists. It has quality profiles of eligible men/women from all walks of life and from many parts of the world.

Shaadi is well customized to the needs of Indian people.

In Brief

Shaadi is a pleasant and very enjoyable site to use, and is best suited to those looking for serious relationships leading to marriage. Rather than being a templated site like many others, Shaadi is well customized to the needs of Indian people.

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  • Avatar

    AkashJuly 6th, 2019

    Just average

    @prudentcyprian Are you an Indian?
  • Avatar

    prudentcyprianDecember 13th, 2017

    Just average

    i will like to date an indian or even marry an indian,i love indians
  • Avatar

    FirozsNovember 16th, 2017


    Looking for dating!
  • Avatar

    mottiJanuary 26th, 2012


    Internet fraud - website. They create fraud profile with nice girl pics and send interest to everyone. I replied (without knowing anything) then asked to get membership to contact that person, then I paid amount to get membership, and i found finally, the pic is model pic. I want to make complaint...

    They called several times, before i paid the amount. Now, i am requesting to give me a call, they didn't reply, I am totally, p*$$ed off of their website and service.
    My honest request, Please don't be like me..... They are totally cheaters and frauds create fake profiles to earn money...
  • Avatar

    Disappointed_3772May 12th, 2011

    Below average

    Radha, my cell phone company didn't give the option to block a certain person's number. I didn't want to change my number, but the cops suggested it because that would be the only way to get this particular member to stop what he was doing. Anyways, I'm in a wonderful relationship with someone who I met outside of :) In a way, the negative experience was a blessing in disguise.
  • Avatar

    rahul_3771May 12th, 2011

    Useless, Bharathmatrimony, Jeevansathi, Rediff matrimonials and many are bogus in India. Stupid beliefs, these innocent Indian people are tricked and struck by the colorful photos and Bollywood style drama. Forever phony e-mails, fake conversations, bogus profiles are milking cash for these websites creators. Yes, there is a lot of research going on into these Indian matrimonials sites. As per the reports. They are very close to getting caught. Who are they? When the scrutiny comes it is impossible for them to escape because they are on record.

    bavasJune 6th, 2013

    Below average

    Replied to rahul_3771 Totally agree. Can you let me know about these research please? I am a researcher in science, but highly interested.
  • Avatar

    RadhaApril 23rd, 2011

    Above average

    Wow! All this info about is scary! I am a busy Indian woman who has no time to meet any Indian singles as I don't live in NY or CA. Most of my friends are white so I don't have any means of mingling with my own type. After my cousin suggested, I made a profile on Shaadi.Com. I will be screening everything about whatever type of contact I get. Thank you for bringing this to my attention. But I still think most of the people are honest and if they're not you always have the option of deleting a profile and blocking a number from your cell phone. That's why don't give that information out till you are absolutely ready.
  • Avatar

    jamnagharDecember 30th, 2010


    They really need to sort out better vetting of members. Having email correspondence with 3 scammers from Nigeria in 4 months isn't good going.
  • Avatar

    SameerNovember 6th, 2010


    Hi Guys...I need help.. Anybody knows about this profile...MEE85 in I think her profile is fake... If someone has got the interest from her? Do share with She said she is from UK and but she is sending the mail from Nigeria. Confused...?????

    RamNovember 10th, 2010


    Replied to Sameer @Sameer Hi Sameer, I work for and saw your comment on this site. is committed to providing a quality meeting ground for our members and we take strict action against anybody abusing the system. I can confirm that after further investigation, we have taken action against the reported profile. Members can always report any kind of misuse / abuse to our customer support by clicking on the following link. You can also forward any relevant mails as an attachment to You can also reach us through twitter at shaadidotcom.


    NeelJuly 5th, 2011


    Replied to Ram @Ram Hey Ram. Sorry but reporting won't do anything. You see it's the head of which is corrupt and rotten to the core. They just want to make money by fooling others. or any of these sites are creating fake profiles to lure customers so what would reporting do? The guys from your support team will have a laugh and put it in their junk box.

    It's not reporting that will work. I guess people have to realize and smarten up. We have to raise awareness that these sites are mostly fake. There are a few genuine people but let's say out of 20 fake profiles you get one genuine.

    The problem consists of:

    1. staff creating fake profiles.
    2. No security . Anyone can create a profile using a fake ID. I can even create a profile with the email of your support team for fun:)
    3. Scammers creating fake profiles and trying to fool people and extort money.

    For all you people who still believe there are good people on or any other matrimonial site for Christ sake wisen-up.The world is not as good as you are. The world is full of crooks trying to rip you off. Never ever give any money in any circumstances to anyone you meet on the internet.

    Be safe and be smart:)
  • Avatar

    madhuJune 3rd, 2010


    This is a fake site, most profiles are fake , i wont recommend this site to anyone 2.34 32 A review of Shaadi is one of the longest running and most active Indian matrimonial sites in existence. With nearly 2 million members, they are responsible for numerous engagements and marriages across the world.