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SexyAds is one of the longest running adult personals sites and has had a presence on the Internet since 1997. An active user community with adult blogs and forums adds interest to the site, as well as photo and video profiles which can be conveniently searched using the tools available.

SexyAds is an online dating site that centers on adult oriented fun.

Members can use the site's matchmaking software to locate like minded singles in local or international settings who share all the same interests.

Features and more...

They have quite a good choice of features, including a one on one phone service that ensures neither party will ever see the other's phone number. Chat rooms and email make this website just the thing for those who are looking for quick contact with others. Members can opt to set up face to face meetings or keep the cyberspace between themselves and others. It's also popular with the more mature crowd.

Sexyads Verification

When you visit you'll find a large member database with categorized interests of every type. But there's always the problem of fakes and scammers. To address the problem of fake profiles, SexyAds have a unique way of certifying whether members are real or not. You simply need to upload a photo of yourself with the words "SexyAds" written on your body. Doing this lets other members know you're "real", and a special certified logo will then appear on your profile.

VIP upgrades allow paid members to access more.

Going VIP

Although a number of the site's services are free, VIP upgrades allow paid members to access a number of the site's more exceptional features. While free members are able to browse profiles and view photos at full size, communicating with other members is restricted. For instance, it's possible to send emails to any member, however messages can only be read if either sender or recipient is paying member.

Voicemail is also only accessible to paying members.

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  • Avatar

    GTeemsMarch 7th, 2021


    Definitely avoid, one of the women on is a convicted child abuser - yet the site allow her access!
  • Avatar

    playboyJune 15th, 2020


    hi contact me on my mail ID
  • Avatar

    CaptainSlappyAugust 7th, 2010

    Below average

    Not much there. Slow, tons of dead profiles. Typical of all the others, in that most of the ladies there are more interested in blogging, and wasting time. I won't mention that this site seems to have more Transvestites than I have ever seen! The average female age seems to be in the high 40's. I would only suggest this site because it is free, easy to place an ad, and ONLY if you have the patience to place one, and then forget about it. Otherwise, not worth the effort.
  • Avatar

    nedmJanuary 17th, 2010

    Below average

    Here's the good and bad of the site when it comes down to it...

    Good: The chat is IRC based and you can IM people if they allow it. There's also message boards and profiles that allow for comments

    Bad: Due to the ratio of men to women and that there's less people on this site the chances of meeting someone are slim.

    When it comes down to it they could do things to make it better. Lower the price for women but raise it for men. Also there's huge numbers of dead profiles on many sites. Who honestly would join a site and not do anything for a few years unless they actually just quit it totally. They should automatically delete profiles after 18 months...then after a few a year then after a few months six months or older.

    The frustration kicks in's the logic

    1) If you don't pay for the site you can't send emails to anyone but those that naturally they get bombarded. So technically the only way to meet someone would be in the chat rooms but again women get bombarded with things so they can turn their IMs off. Women say "Lets know each other etc" ok how can that happen if it's not a private chat? How can that happen when there's really no way to get a women's attention? This is where cams can get to be an issue.

    2) Reality sets in. Men are attracted to women but women aren't attracted to men...there have been a few meet and greet things but they are only at best once a year or every other year. Can you meet someone on the site? Yes...if you are willing to drive for hours on end or fly.

    I turned down sex from three women on this site this past summer that were somewhat local (within an hour or less) one just wanted to talk and implied to me she wanted sex (lied her ass off), another admitted to me she used cocaine so that ended that conversation and the last one never told me as to who is taking care of her kid!

    If you want a place to hang out in the chat rooms its fine but beyond that forget it.

    IndigoWarriorNovember 16th, 2010


    Replied to nedm I agree with the previous reviewers, their perspectives and experiences are pretty dead on. My interactions with the members of the site were tepid at best, and not for lack of trying or my own repartee. While I don't mind people who are differently-gendered, so to speak, joining the fray, they are simply not my type. There is a distinct lack of women of child-bearing age, at least in my experience. No offense to the older ladies, but I'd like to get involved with someone of my own generation (I'm early 30's) for practical reasons and others too. @Nedm makes some excellent points about the technical and logical vagaries of the site. In addition, the sophomoric level of conversation is discouraging, and I wasn't looking to debate high culture. It's like talking to drunk high schoolers who have no hope of graduating or ever sobering up. The forums are chock full of mouth-breathing twits who think they are playing parlor games, when in truth, they keep asking dull, self-referential, silly questions with all the depth of a dixie cup.

    Well...what can one expect, I is the Internet, after all...but this site certainly isn't one worth paying for. 1.2 5 A review of SexyAds is one of the longest running adult personals sites and has had a presence on the Internet since 1997.