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    Sue_3012December 5th, 2010


    I joined this site using a promotion for 1 month. My charge card was billed for 3 months and not at the discounted price on the advertisement. When I logged into 'my account' it showed my initial subscription as 3 months so I could not fight it with my card company. I have no idea how they pulled this off however I think Phil McGraw should be held accountable for the scams. I have received messages from people who "are no longer active members" and I wonder how did they contact me then? I had joined this site once before 4 yrs ago but at the time I was really too busy to keep up with it. I did have some messages and it seems once a reply was sent the initial sender disappeared. It wasn't too important to me back then so it didn't really register. Now when I saw the ad for just one month @ 12.95 I figured it was worth it just to see if this was something I'd like to pursue. It amazed me that there were so many men looking for long term relationships and yet not one in my area ever contacted me. I had many from far off places but who knows if they were even real. I never replied to any of those messages but the sentence structure and grammar led me to believe the men were not English speaking even tho' their profiles showed them to be in the states. I hope I can figure out a way to get this out publically, like on the news or Dateline (no pun intended!). Even if Dr. Phil would publically denounce these sites instead of just claiming he is not responsible for them would benefit the public.
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    LynnGagnonNovember 23rd, 2010


    Three to four months ago I quit senior and I am still being charged on my Mastercard. I figure they owe me three months of membership. I haven't got any e mail from them and I don't go into the site. I have had no contact whatsoever with seniors meet. com but they still keep taking money out of my account. Please answer this comment.
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    laurieNovember 18th, 2010


    I have chatted for a few days with an "architect" from Boston (raised in UK)that left for a job in Germany the day after we began chatting on yahoo(because he wouldn't have time to get on dating site very often...of course he was new to online dating...hurt very badly from divorce 5 years ago. No kids because wife afraid of childbirth. Talked about our life together after a handful of im's...wanted me to send pix of my kids (no way). Google checks did not show him residing in Boston or on any registry of architects. Low and behold, after questioning him a lot this morning about name of his co. (said he kept uk name since it allowed him to work internationally) he later told me he had good news...he deleted his profile since he wanted to focus on me...more like he knew I was on to him. The accent didn't sound British, and he claimed it was from the Italian and French parents, but only spoke English. His German cell phone number did show a reverse search as a German phone though...the first thing I checked. Will be reporting and copies of our correspondence.
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    sksNovember 11th, 2010

    Above average

    There are scammers on this site just like everywhere in life. But, just like in real life, there are some very genuine people on SPM. I have been fortunate enough to weed out the scammers - it is usually very obvious! - and date several nice men from this site. I avoid anyone who says they make $300,000 or more, the widowed with one child they are raising by themself (it is SENIOR PEOPLE MEET - our children should be grown), or who send me their e-mail address right away. I have had better luck here than on e-harmony - talk about fakes and scammers...

    My advice - be wise!
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    helen_2876November 2nd, 2010


    Hi. I've been a member of spm for awhile, until now i haven't meet the right man yet. i experienced of getting emails from scammers, i mean not once, trice but so many. They said that they are working in construction, engineers and they are going to Nigeria, Africa or other countries because they had a huge contract. so as we keep exchanging email only for few times, they started to give some alibis that they don't get paid and want to come back to united states, in short they are asking money. This dating site has full of scammers maybe because seniors tend to believe them & can easily get encouraged by these heartless people. i am an honest & kind-hearted person, i don't deserve to be fooled by those people who just want to take advantage. i hope those members of spm will smart enough to notice one's persons intention. Oh by the way, right now, i don't use my email add because someone stole my password and have access to my yahoo email. So i'm going to put new email add. Thanks.
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    MistysmumOctober 31st, 2010


    I have been on the site about two weeks and in that time I started receiving porn through the email. I have never gone on a porn site and i am not that type. I receive five or six a day and this all started when I joined SPM. I cannot prove there is a connection but I do not know where else it could have come from.
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    FrancescaSeptember 28th, 2010


    You apparently have decided not to use my letter, which is fine, who cares. But I still think you should pay attention to the 11 five-star ratings you show on your graph. Nine of these are from "Lisa," who says she is an employee of SeniorPeopleMeet and certainly sounds like one. She of course rates her company as five stars. Why are employees of these Web sites enabled to pump up their employers' ratings by responding in this forum? My impression is that this is a consumer's forum and that employees are barred. If they aren't, they should be.
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    GregDavisSeptember 25th, 2010


    Save your money, do not sign up with S.P.M.
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    jane_2645September 16th, 2010


    Watch out for profiles stating they make $100 - 200K, they are in the Large/construction equipment, they claim to be educated and reside in the US, however, their written English is terrible. They say they have lost their families in a plane crash and they are out of the country on a business trip. They give you phone number that doesn't work or can't receive calls due to telephone lines being overloaded or they don't get coverage where they are staying. I have a loved one in the war zone who has coverage, let's be vigilant, awake and aware!

    I have also noticed that I receive an email notice in my email address on record that I have a message from someone, however, when you go to your inbox on SPM, the message isn't there so you are being redirected to some other place without knowing it. Strange?!
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    LoisSeptember 15th, 2010


    Stay away from SeniorPeopleMeet. 63 years old and got emails from guys younger than my son. They looked like they just got out of prison. Not what I wanted to have a cup of coffee with. Stay away!

    CarolaHudockSeptember 26th, 2010


    Replied to Lois @Lois Been on the site for 3 days cost me $60 for six months as at 63 hard to meet gentlemen. Have had a lot of responses also from much younger men all of course attracted to me, Could it be because I am Divorced Retired and 63 they think I have a lot of $$$$$. Site no better than others and Members are supposed to be 55 and older. Guess money does talk!!
SeniorPeopleMeet 1.77 145 A review of SeniorPeopleMeet. This place is for mature people in their 50s, 60s and beyond who want to find companionship or romance later in life. The community is large, with around 483,000 active members.