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    AndreaSterlingJune 26th, 2011


    As soon as I joined, they asked for more money to make sure messages get thru. My messages are not getting thru at any rate.
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    bakeranonJune 21st, 2011


    This entire website is a scam. The person I met on this site had a dual nationality, and ended up scamming me big-time. When I tried to report it to the website customer service, nothing was done other than recommend I block this user. He used the username of brokenknees45. He also used someone else's identity to say where he was from, and I believe the pictures were also stolen showing me who he was. I am pretty sure the entire website is out of Ghana and is used as scams. Don't waste your money or your time coming here.
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    margaretMay 4th, 2011


    I got screwed also, someone hacked my account and now i can't log on without resubmitting my credit card information to be used for tracking my account. I can't find a phone number to call. What should i do? Or am i screwed?

    Luda_3754May 8th, 2011


    Replied to margaret @margaret The company is managed by People Media Inc. bought in 05/2010. I believe People Media is a questionable company at best and is reluctant to own up to making a bad mistake purchasing What's worst is left the management of the site to People Media. My suspicion is the company is actually out of Nigeria, not America. I really doubt it is located in Texas or Arizona, which is how it lists itself. You may just be better off reporting incident to your credit card company and closing your account.

    ForzJanuary 5th, 2012


    Replied to Luda_3754 @Luda No I can assure you they were based in Chandler, Arizona. They were a collection of a couple dozen dating websites. It is a company with very little ethics all around. It's not a scam site, they just don't care about scammers being on their site. For the people who can't unsubscribe, most is people not reading carefully.. They design the site to make sure you have to complete several steps before you are actually cancelled.
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    David_3718May 1st, 2011


    I have NOT given my credit card yet. One should be able to contact a company by phone. I worked hard to make a proper presentation of my life and family. I was born at night, but not last night. In the time I spent looking at the site, I found over fifty women in New England and Quebec who had the qualities my family would find acceptable. One must always have faith in the versatility of life. It would be sad to think many could be fakes. Peace.
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    russellwilliamsApril 26th, 2011


    Here we go again with another scummy dating web-site. I had nothing but problems with E-harmony and Zoosk. And now I am getting the run-around with I use only 2 passwords, and now that I want to check on my subscription, I can't access it , and I am getting nothing but games and B.S. from their "help" people. I will never, ever use on-line personals again. They are all bogus scum bags once they get your credit card info. You get flirts and suggestions from people who aren't even there anymore. Or they will send you a flirt from someone, who didn't actually send it to you. I have verified this more than once now. I am frustrated beyond words...can you tell ????

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    DebbieMApril 20th, 2011


    Out of 14 5 star comments, 9 are from Lisa (an employee of the site). This sure cuts down on the possitive rating ratio. Why are they even allowed to rate this site if they are employees. And why is there no 0 rating?
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    DebbieMApril 19th, 2011


    What a sham. I got past the scammers because I learned to spot them pretty quickly from I hit the report a concern button and reported two of them. Never got a response. I cancelled my auto renewal so my renewal runs out May 2. Now, today I get an email telling me my email address on my account was changed and that if I didn't request this change to contact Customer Service immediately. I sent an email and it was returned MAILER.DAEMON. I sent another one. Now my username and/or password have been changed so I cannot even get onto my account to remove it.

    Seems pretty funny that as it gets close to time for my membership to expire I am locked out of my account so whoever changed all of my information can easily click the renew subscription button (or whatever it said) and have it charged to my account. Good luck with that because I have already informed my bank and have a hold put on my debit card. If this site is truly concerned as they keep posting on here why don't they stop these things from happening? I can't help but believe that the site itself is somehow connected to these mysterious changes to my account. I will be talking to a lawyer about this if my problem is not resolved immediately. Enough is enough!
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    SBArthApril 19th, 2011


    I had the same experience as others re never actually being able to go on site - wrong password etc ( I always use the same password). Has to be bogus. I am going to my bank and demanding a refund. I am so disappointed. I spent the last 15 years raising my kids and as the last leaves for college I was hoping to meet someone. Nothing worse that killing someone's hopes.
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    RobertFrancisApril 16th, 2011

    Below average

    A lot of outdated photos that make members look younger than they are, a lot of members who are not sincere in finding a permanent relationship, and biggest problem was too many members who made little or no effort to try and get to know you or let you get to know them. One woman invited me to travel over one thousand miles to meet for a cup of coffee on her first email. Not realistic. Another woman said all men are intimidated by her because she is so stunning and no matter where she goes, she is being stalked by members. Strange because they don't know her name or where she lives or works. Lot of people with a lot of problems. Some members refuse to post any basic info on their profile and only say, send me a message. I received messages from members who asked questions that were answered in my profile...many only look at the photos. Site reminds me of High School days with little maturity expected from seniors. Overall, few opportunities to find a serious a relationship.
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    JudithHopkinsMarch 30th, 2011


    I have been a member of seniorpeoplemeet before and can't seem to join again because I don't remember my info that is requested. I have sent my e-mail address several times trying to get the info that I submitted before but I have never heard from seniorpeoplemeet and I have no mail in my spam or bulk folders. Why is it that they don't send me the info I requested? What do I need to do? Please sent me an e-mail explaining.

    MaryConnersOctober 10th, 2011


    Replied to JudithHopkins @Judith Hopkins I had the same thing occur... Tried to submit a question and never heard back from SPM, yet they advertize they will try to get back to you within 48hrs. Poorly managed site!
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