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I entered this site with the intent to find a close friendship that might become more. I followed all the rules my friends suggested: I called the guy (to protect my tel number) before that I exchanged emails. First meetings were always in public area and my friends knew exactly where I would be located. I have encountered lies and schemes on a grand scale. One guy claimed to be a widower....then his dead wife began following me on A Miracle!!!! He would text me when he was out of town, and then get busy when he was supposed to be home. This is a 62 year old man; intelligent, polite, humorous and a liar. The latest and last...(I did not renew after a 2 year try). This one is a pathological liar. Told me that he was a cancer researcher in NYC and was relocating to my state. Emailed, called, texted several times a day....told me that he was divorced 10 years. The icing on the cake was when he invited me to join him at the White House to honor his team for their research. Well, he was posted on Linkedin, registered as a scientist and works on colors for a cosmetic company. Nothing wrong with that, it is simply the compounding lies that are astounding.

If and when he comes to my state, I am going to meet him in a public place and show him the Linkedin page with his pic...same exact one on his SeniorPeople site. I totally believed this guy and searched for his info to send him a retirement gift to his party...the hospital in which he claimed to work had NO employees with his name. My daughter found him on Linkedin; a biz network. I was crushed. I really thought that I had found a nice, intelligent, attentive man....only problem..he is a liar of the highest degree. If he calls again, I am going to invite him to the wedding of Prince William and Kate!....don't have an invite...but I may get a bit of satisfaction when I show him the page. There are more creepy stories, in the world of Senior People these are just a few of them. Be careful, don't give info out, no matter how wonderful they appear. Meet in a public place for coffee, so you can quickly leave. If you need to do so. Don't be a rescuer, or a sap. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is ...glad that I did not spend money on a gown. lol Think I am going to try dating just seems to be a waste of time loaded with predatory men and women too. Good luck and use your head and listen to your gut. Don't loan anyone anything!!!!! Protect yourself!!

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    AudreyLazarusAugust 23rd, 2011


    I was a member on this site for about 4 months. Then I met someone I thought was great. He turned out to be someone who only wanted money from me. The first time, I gave him some - and now I know I'll never see it again. The second time I just said no and broke it off. I am an honest woman who was taken in by a crooked man. Do you not investigate the backgrounds of these people? I am out some money, but I figure I was lucky. It was not a big amount. His name is [****]. Look into it if he comes back to the site. He only wants money, but he knows how to turn a woman's head. I fell for it once, but not again. I wanted you people to know some of what is going on. I'd like an apology from you. I trusted and got taken.

    Audrey Lazarus
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    msbgmsbgMarch 2nd, 2011


    Be very careful before you pay. The dating site takes you money and then prevents you from logging in. When you ask for a password reset they tell you your email address in not authorized. So, you have to create a new user ID and use the same email address. Once you have paid under the new user ID they start sending you email alerts under the old user ID (the one they blocked) when you try to reply all you see is the payment screen options.

    I have been complaining for several days to no avail so I am going to register a complaint with the credit card company.


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SeniorPeopleMeet Reviewed by bonnie on . I entered this site with the intent to find a close friendship that might become more. I followed all the rules my friends suggested: I called the guy (to protect my tel number) before that I exchanged emails. Rating: 1