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SA suspended me without refund for "rudeness" for calling a user a liar. First their automated software suspends you esp if you use the site a lot. I reported typical scammers who listed their location as my city and then said they were "out of State" and need me to send money so they could take a flight to see me.

One I made the mistake of telling I was going to report them so they reported me first and I was suspended without refund without me even being asked for my side (though I still have the screenshot of user asking me for flight money). So they reported me first so I could no longer access their profile to report them.

I say "they" rather than "she" cause it could have just as well been a male using a female's pics to scam. And even after I told them I had this proof via PayPal dispute message, they escalated the claim to PayPal.

They have become bully scammers.

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    rickthestickMarch 6th, 2020


    They are soooo many fakes on SA and as a previous poster said you better not call them out. If people complain about you and you get too many flags then your account is suspended. Fakes and catfish do not have an issue because women do not pay so when they suspend one account they just create another. For guys it is different, the pay 90 for a month or 259 for 3 months and there are no refunds.