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    JurgenDNovember 5th, 2011


    I did register as platinum member for one year and did pay the maximum fee. I am handsome, young and I have a successful business. When you report fake, fraudulent profiles, they do remove them once in a week. At the weekend, nobody watches the scamming process, and the same scammers do register new profiles with photo of models, woman from magazines. They do have profile verification put it is not enforced. So when you have contact with a pretty woman, be sure 95%, the profile is fake. The message is even written with an automatic answering system.

    In one year, I did receive almost 500 messages and only 10 of them were genuine profiles. From those 10 profiles, I did keep 3 genuine contacts. I did notice inside their system, there is no automatic response system, even for platinum members, but still I did receive automatic replies of members, so they do write scripts to fool people. I did mention you receive many interest, but they do not visit your profile! Another scam by scripts they write. The scammers do ask you to give your email, and they start to send you fake photos, even different photos. When you insist to see webcam verification, they are gone. Some do write love, poem letters and they do not answer your letters.

    Andy_5055April 10th, 2012

    Below average

    Replied to JurgenD @JurgenD I fully agree with you. Fake this I suspect.

    Steve_4547November 20th, 2011


    Replied to JurgenD @JurgenD We sincerely apologize for this matter. Unfortunately as an internet based dating service we do not screen our members and depend on them to provide truthful information as they sign up on It is therefore difficult for us to verify their real identity or intentions as no formal identification is required for registration. We do our best to ensure that any non genuine profiles are deleted from our site and remove dubious photos or information, as soon as we identify them.

    We have a dedicated fraud prevention team working round the clock including on weekends to ensure that they get hold of any dubious individuals using the site as soon as possible. However we also rely on our valued members who kindly report to us any suspect or fake profiles they find on our site. If you come across such members kindly contact us (with their membership number and any relevant evidence) so we can immediately investigate the situation and take appropriate action. We have provided a feedback form on our site for members to make such reports. You can also email us on

    Registration on is free and with a Gold or Platinum membership account you get to connect with more Russian singles as you can initiate contact with any member, receive and send emails, chat on Instant Messenger and video/voice chat. Each month thousands of people use our site without any problems. Every day several thousand messages are exchanged between members and every month several people who met on our sites get married. Continue using and you could also be one of our success stories soon!

    kellymeNovember 16th, 2016

    Just average

    Replied to Steve_4547 Nice, I'll give it a shot. Is there no site out there that does contracts? I would give $500 USD to a person or business who found my Christian wife for me (after the wedding of course). Add your reply here...
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    Peter_3960June 27th, 2011

    Just average

    Dear users of any dating site! We are living in 2011. A lot of people round the globe have access to the internet and the ups and downs this would give you...On any dating or public communication site you will find scammers! Either they do it for money, to get you hooked on the site, or they simply do it for above, we are not better than others, if you use a dating site instead of Facebook, who is the scammer then? If you write to girls, who's only option to get out of the country is marriage, why then continue writing if you state that you are not looking for marriage at the moment? Who's the scammer then?

    My advice is, if you search for profiles similar to yourself in age, height and weight, you have lost a lot of scammers. If you see a model age 25 searching for male 32-67 , well, think a little, it doesn't match does it? Be honest with yourself in your search criteria, just like buying a car, a BMW is nice, but if you don't have the money, forget it!

    Olga 21, model, great body in bikini.....well she is nice to look at, but if you don't have the matching appearance forget it! On any dating site, you have to remember, the girls are not " i love you long time" girls.....if that is what you are looking for, I'm sure a trip to i.e. Thailand would be great.....

    Sorry for the words, but hey, if things sound too good to be true, they might be! Internet has not replaced this common sense, gentlemen....
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    anon_3698April 25th, 2011


    I am a reviewer at the site called Sazze and I specialize in dating sites and @Dave and @David I would have to disagree with you 10 million percent. No one said that there were not any real women on the site, but you don't have complete all-round information as it seems and your own personal experience is severely limited in the context of true research and the other stories of what actually is seen. Your put down of American women is embarrassing and more or less shameful and is indirectly related to the viewpoint being promoted out there that Russian women have a more super special difference than one's local women at home. Absolute foolishness and nonsense.

    Local women would agree with this to be so. Who told you that all women in your country are the same? I know of one woman from America who lives in my country and sold everything she had to be with a man she married here who happens to be not white and they have recently started a family (and concerning @Petr - I cannot believe with my own eyes the statement that has been made - Of course there are scammers, because as a member myself of the RUA forum that deals with all things pertaining to Russian women there is one who posted a whole article of his conversation with the customer service representative about a scam that took place on this very site.

    This site that we are discussing has a poor filtration system and on SiteJabbers - a review site that does website reviews there is even a testimonial of a man who received scam letters from many ladies. Now for those who presented before one thing I am sure will not be said by them is the ethnic/racial unfairness in that there is only one-ethnic advertising namely caucasian-related advertising when other races are on the site. In dealing with one of its affiliate sites they referred me to this site being discussed since they said they had more mixed race testimonials on this site than on only found about five at least out of 100 plus (Wow how multiethnic that is!) but these are not advertisements just testimonials. It is interesting that if we compare Russian Euro/Russian Cupid to one of its affiliate sites one can find actually at the FRONT of the site mixed race advertising but on this site there is NO advertising of such! So mixed race advertising is good for an African-related site but not good for a caucasian-related site? Is such Fair? No! And it aint RIGHT either!
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    Disappointed_3382February 17th, 2011


    When you register at this site, expect to see dozens of "women" clicking on "I'm interested" on your profile, and expect to receive dozens of messages. All of them will be incredibly beautiful, but none of them will write anything that is specific to you. Don't bother to ask any questions - they don't answer, they just continue babbling about how nice and caring they are and how much they would like to marry.

    Dave_3405February 22nd, 2011


    Replied to Disappointed_3382 @Disappointed I would have to disagree with my experience with it. My concern is that this website was actively working as of this morning and now it's offline. I will tell you that I did meet some real girls and I even talked to one of them from Russia and the other from the Ukraine over the phone. Both were nice. They both were very upfront and honest that they really wanted to find a man to love and they only wanted a serious relationship. They both asked me to be straight with them if I didn't want that. I can appreciate that request. I'm not looking to get married any time soon so I had to let them move on but if I was trying to get married now, I would feel like they are being honest with me. Both said they aren't interested in local men due to the heavy drinking (this is a well known issue in Russia) and that they don't feel they are safe living there. This is why they wanted to marry a man from another country and start a family. These girls are just looking to be loved and they will put their 100% into the lucky man that gets to marry them. Too bad American chicks can't figure this out. Maybe when they see all of the American men married up with foreign girls they might start to get a clue.
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    CassamallyMay 5th, 2010

    Above average

    I am director of a tourist hotel at Grand-bay in Mauritius. I travel often to Europe and UK for my tourism businesses and for my holidays.
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    PetrDecember 17th, 2009


    I've been using Hot Russian for a few months. It has replaced Facebook as my main source of daily online fun. The girls are always fun to talk to and I have even talked with a couple of them about going to meet them in person. Video chat is fun. I sent one girl a gift through the Web site and was lucky enough to see her receive it live on webcam.

    There seems to be a lot of misinformation out there about this site. But I think if you look at a lot of these "scam" claims, it's clear that a lot of people just don't understand the nature of the service. It's an international dating service. Not a mail order bride service. And the ladies don't have to talk to you if they don't want to. (But it's great when they do!)

    If you're looking for a different kind of online dating, I would highly recommend becoming a member of this site. I have definitely enjoyed my time.
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    David_1350September 14th, 2009

    Above average

    Seeking to broaden my horizons and simply obtain differing opinions on love and relationships from the East, I posted a basic 'standard' profile. Within 2 days I had been contacted by three beautiful girls, two of whom I speak with on a daily basis via e-mail. Note that only girls with gold or platinum memberships can contact standard members. It's quite flattering getting so much attention from these ladies, something I had not experienced from any local dating site. I am in my 40's and I have noticed most ladies my age don't speak much English. Most below say 35 years old do, fairly well! There is also much advice on immigration for prospective couple wishing to get married.

    Now some weeks on, I joined for the one month as a Gold member and seriously, I am getting perhaps 8-10 ladies a day contact me. This must be what it's like to be a female on these sites with all this attention! I would give it 5 stars but quite often the instant messenger cuts out too quickly, allowing you to send a notification that you had tried to contact a lady.
Russian Cupid 2.92 24 A review of RussianCupid. A dating site that connects Russian women with men from the West. Russian Cupid lets you communicate with other users directly, without inter-mediation through a translator.