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Qiran is a large, internationally known marriage site for single Muslims. Members reside all over the world, and not all are Muslim. The site is aimed firmly towards those seeking a marital partner, rather than those seeking other types of relationships.

Qiran is for those of the Muslim faith who are serious about finding their marital partner.

Qiran advertises on its home page there are over 3 Million registered profiles -- active users (people who visit on a regular basis) are estimated at around 24,000.

A blend of tradition and modern technology, Qiran allows members to establish a relationship with others who are not only like minded but culturally compatible as well. The site is partnered with MSN Arabia and has been featured in several magazines.

A range of cultural, racial and religious settings help you find compatible marriage prospects.


The main thing that sets Qiran apart from western dating services is the breadth of cultural, racial and religious settings that you can choose from when searching for a partner. For example, you are able to filter profiles based on cultural background, place of birth, family values, occupation, residence status, Hijab, facial complexion, as well as more basic settings.

Other features

Qiran offers several premium features, including SMS, text and voice messaging, instant messaging, with video and live chat to be added in the very near future. This allows members anywhere in the world to see, hear and interact with a potential match.

Qiran claims to be the safest online matrimony site. The service allows members to keep anonymous at all times. This allows for a safe online dating and matchmaking experience. If you are intested in the service you can list yourself or be listed by a family member; however, all profiles must be approved by moderators before full membership will be instated.

You can list yourself on the site or a family member can do it if they have permission.

In Summary

Qiran is a suitable choice for anyone of the Muslim faith who is serious about finding their marital partner. Their large number of users and wealth of features specifically geared towards Muslims will open up a wealth of marital prospects beyond traditional methods.

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  • Avatar

    ShareefaJanuary 25th, 2021


    I did Everything correct. Correct photos and my profile. Not one lie and authentic photos. They tell me that my profile is fake. WTF? Uneducated customer service employees in some 3rd work shxxhole country is telling me that I’m not real. I even sent them photos, ID in which they could have requested and even offered to video chat with them to see if I am real or fake. Nothing. I have not heard one word. I am a veteran of the United States military and they have the nerve to tell me that I’m not real. Maybe I shouldn’t look so **** good.

    These people are running a scamming websites and none of the people on there are real. They are finding photos and making up profiles for money.

    I give them a 1 star because you I can’t give them a minus 5.
  • Avatar

    zee_zeeMay 5th, 2020


    hi how do i join?
  • Avatar

    abdi1January 9th, 2019

    Just average

    i like and enjoy meeting with different people
  • Avatar

    ziadtakttakNovember 6th, 2017

    Just average

    its good
  • Avatar

    IhebOctober 31st, 2017


    At first i found that is absolutly free site, then i've been shocked when i found that it cost per month. So is it free or not?
  • Avatar

    Abdullah_3335October 19th, 2017


    Beware of anyone from Nigeria or Russia. They are desperate for money and use any means to aquire it.
  • Avatar

    DariyaSeptember 26th, 2017


    First the site liked me. Money I have paid for 3 months. In a month they have blocked and have written, that I am the swindler and the deceiver. The reason they have not explained. I suspect, someone has slandered me. I am the fair woman, I pray and am afraid of the Allah. Sad history at me with site
  • Avatar

    abdiSeptember 7th, 2017


    i am looking nice lady to meet
  • Avatar

    khujaMhdMay 16th, 2016

    Just average

    Dear members , I glad to be of yours , I am a single man looking for my partner and I hope get my request , thanks .
  • Avatar

    FrfooraApril 11th, 2012

    Above average

    Qiran helped me to get married in 2005. Now i got divorced after 7 years of marriage, but i sign in again to this site with the hope finding my future husband for the rest of my life inshallah. Customer Reviews

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