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  • Avatar

    JeanHamiltonJuly 11th, 2011

    Above average

    How can I check a name to see if they have a profile on POF?
  • Avatar

    Danaman117June 28th, 2011


    This guy Marcus is a joke he doesn't go by the policy's if he doesn't like you or your account he will delete it without consent or notice. That's if you even get to open a account because the common error occurs, every user name you pick will be already taken. I'll be submitting a complaint with the better business Bureau. This guy's site needs to be taken down unless he's gonna "man up" and go by his own policies and this is why the site hasn't grown or changed like "ever". It's pathetic Marcus has no morals or pride in his site to be fair and professional like all the other "real" dating sites.
  • Avatar

    ClarkKentJune 22nd, 2011


    I have been a member of PoF for quite some time now. They send me e-mails but I am never able to log in to my account even though I have the user name and password.
  • Avatar

    JerryMaguireJune 14th, 2011

    Just average

    I don't understand why so many women are upset about men on this site that simply want to have an intimate encounter like the application allows us to choose. If the men are claiming they want long term commitment or marriage, but are lying, well that's different of course.
  • Avatar

    goodmateMay 21st, 2011


    i think it is an awesome site and have met some wonderful ladies from here
  • Avatar

    faddyMay 7th, 2011


    Hi my name is faddy and I am from Bangladesh. I used to live in uk before and when i was in uk i opened pof account and now that I am back to bangladesh my pof got closed. I don't know why and now they are not accepting my new registration and now i really don't know what to do. I really like this website if there is anyone who can help me out in getting new reg on pof then please do email me here Thanks.

    Best Regards
  • Avatar

    alanwillsApril 15th, 2011


    When i try to register i cannot get past the 6th letter in the code. It won't let me type in the whole code. What can i do?
  • Avatar

    InnaApril 8th, 2011

    Below average

    Hello. I live in Japan (Okinawa ), and I need a good advice how to become a member of this site, because they can`t register people from Japan or how they said only for few countries, but not yet for Japan.....
  • Avatar

    Deb_3596April 2nd, 2011

    Just average

    I want to talk to customer service. I'm not protected on pof I feel bc this guy sent me a nasty message ...I respond back letting know how I felt in a mature manner. He sends back this long mean message .he blocked me he contacted me first saying mean things to me ...but he blocked me like I'm the bad person. I wanted to report his profile ..he cant get away with that bc women might not be attracted to him and he can't take the rejection . I wasn't rude to this many at all . I would really like to find. out how to report him .
  • Avatar

    GerryMarch 31st, 2011

    Above average

    Plentyoffish is a free dating site that actually allows you to chat with real people in your area--unlike "have to pay something" dating-sites that have ladies living in Russia or somewhere else posing as "locals"...For what it is worth Plentyoffish is okay!
Plenty Of Fish 2.23 313 A review of Plenty Of Fish is the largest free online dating service, and is also one of the most popular social communities in the world by number of visitors. Cost : $35.40, Active users: 2.2 million.