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Plenty of Fish is a very bad website with no real security. Hackers hack the accounts on there, and then they hijack personal (and already active) email accounts, in order to send out phish. This is particularly a problem due to the fact that most email carriers do not focus on email accounts that have long been active with many accumulated contacts over time. Spammers and phishers rely on an account user's contact list to send out their phish, which is less likely to get caught by spam filters, since the account is already a legitimate account.

In some cases, the phisher/spammer does not change the email passcode, which continues the illusion that the email account is still in the legitimate user's hands and control. When they send out the phishing emails, then they delete their evidence out of the sent folder, so that when a user logs back onto their email account, and if they get accused by one of their contacts that they have been phished by them, then when they check their sent folder, it appears that no one was ever in their email account to begin with. These hijackers are very clever.

Remember: these a-s-s-h-o-l-e-s only want one thing: your money or your identity, in order to get your money. Nowadays, old-fashioned viruses were only meant to wreck your computer, but spyware and adware are meant to wreck your life! Almost all advertisers nowadays are spies too, with their tracking cookies and data minors. Our governments have turned into spies too, claiming that they are "watching out for terrorists", which is b-u-l-l-s-h-i-t. Learn how to use your hosts folder and your privacy tab in IE to manually block tracking cookies and data minors and advertisements on your accounts, so that you will not be tracked. Download Sponsored Ad Blocker too or get Super Ad Blocker, which is a paid version.

Lastly, regardless of what people want to think about Google, they are now in the spyware business. They are in league with Omniture (2o7) which is one of the worst spies on the internet. Nothing is sacred to Google, as they want to know everyone's business so that they can give you back 400 million websites on a search for "brass plated paperclips in cardboard boxes packaged in Kenya".

So, a word to the wise: Marcus on PoF is only interested in getting one thing in life: lots of poontang, which is why that dork invented the site for himself in the first place. He couldn’t care less about offering customer service or security to his clients.

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    pofuserApril 9th, 2018


    Today I got messaged on pof but a guy who is an IT. So I asked him "Do social media sites dig into people's data?". Seconds later my profile was deleted by pof.
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    Freeman5May 17th, 2016

    Above average

    With all that money apparently being made by PoF you would think Marcus could put more into rock solid security? Has it got any better lately? Is it still that one man show or there are other guys doing the work now?
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    blahblahMay 17th, 2016

    Above average

    what if you wanted to hack someone's account to find out who they're talking to...say, their husband?
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    AntiPoFOctober 12th, 2010


    Another problem with PoF is that many of the ads that are on there are also links to phishing sites that are the same as the sites that are being emailed by the hacker(s) who hijack PoF and people's personal email accounts. Also, the cookie,, is a spy too, according to Super Anti Spyware and other anti-malware engines on my computer. So, Marcus on PoF is now a spy himself. He cares nothing about his clients getting their emails hacked and hijacked on PoF so that the phishers can send out email phish to [formerly] legit email accounts, via their contact lists. Marcus is a dork and he only created the PoF for one reason for himself: to get laid, and to have a huge source of endless volumes of poontang. Before he invented PoF, Marcus was such a dork and dweeb that no living breathing woman would want anything to do with him for nothing. So, in order to circumnavigate his lack of sex problem, he invented PoF. However, due to his advertising excesses, he is now filthy rich, so he has lots of women who will "dish out" for his sexual appetite; however, Marcus is still the same dork and dweeb that he has always been, except that many women like a guy with huge volumes of money, so they will gladly prostitute themselves to him to have some of his green. It is called, gold-digging and sugar daddy.

    Anyway, hijackers are hijacking PoF accounts, and then hijacking personal email accounts associated with PoF. These accounts are seen by Hotmail, Yahoo and Gmail as legit, as they have already been up and running for a long time, even often times for years. Also, such accounts have huge sources of contacts, especially if the account user was an IM junkie, who has contacts (and "friends") in every country on earth. I feel that Yahoo and Gmail are the worst and least secure of the three; however, Hotmail also has very serious issues too. My suggestion is to give up the stupid s-h-i-t in mindless IM culture and get a Lavabit email account. They are the most secure email account in the world right now. Spammers prefer Yahoo and Google is now a spy itself. Also, avoid the anti-social networks like Twitler, MySplat and Fakebook. Computers and the internet are not a toy, regardless of what people want to think. You are safer standing next to a nuclear bomb than being on the internet. And, sites like PoF are definitely a part of the recklessness that is prevalent on the internet nowadays.

    I would avoid PoF at all costs, unless you want to be hacked.
Plenty Of Fish Reviewed by AntiPoF on . Plenty of Fish is a very bad website with no real security. Hackers hack the accounts on there, and then they hijack personal (and already active) email accounts, in order to send out phish. Rating: 1