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I just moved to a new state and was looking to meet new people and perhaps a nice guy so I signed up for POF. I never dated online before but didn't think it could be a bad thing, well I was wrong, very wrong.

I met a handful of guys and all wanted nothing but sex. I even had a guy who forced me to touch him and I never reported it because I felt it was my fault for even looking online. I just want to tell women to be very careful and when I say careful, I mean careful. Since backpage shut down I do feel many people flocked to POF.

I got women in my inbox trying to recruit me and I had men who stopped talking to me after learning I had family in my city and I wasn't alone which made me feel they were looking to possibly sex traffic me. I would advise any sensible woman to stay away. If you want to do online dating I would think a website that make you pay would be a bit safer.

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    ForewarnedAugust 18th, 2018

    Below average

    Many requests to get my phone # & email address, ie chat off site ! Very suspicious. Others unavailable to meet, "away" working , etc. Catfishers abound. names include " ardship, most in "military " engineers, and the like. Some ask for $ shortly after run of chats, others really play you until they feel time is right! Fake photos, profiles, poor grammar a giveaway. Others just steal your time & attempt to steal your heart!!