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I have been using the site for almost a year now. As free websites go, it really is the best. The problem, if you want to call it that, lies with most of the women there. And as a few members will say here, most wonder why they are single. I am beginning to understand why. I have met a nice girl through this site, hooked up and burned out with 3 others, one my fault, the other 2 because well, things just didn’t work. But regarding my previous point; most women there are in it for the ego boost.

I live in the UK, and the majority of profiles are made by women who are in my opinion are lazy, self centered, whiny and superficial. You will see a profile with a woman in nothing but bra and panties yell out: PLEASE DON'T TALK TO ME ABOUT SEX!!! etc. Does anyone see the logical disconnect in this? Others claim men should not just say: 'hi' and expect a response from them, when in turn, they [the women], have a 3 line introduction in the 'about me' section and absolutely no hobbies or conversational cues to help a guy introduce himself. Again, another logical disconnect. And on top of all this, they expect a guy to somehow generate an interesting, non-generic, and fun introduction for their attention which will get a 'read deleted' response. I won't lie to you, you need really thick skin to actually be on this site.

So after a year on this site, I am now putting my own filters to weed out the lazy, whiny, females and go after the really interesting ones. I avoid profiles of notoriously provocative contacts, weak introductions and profiles lacking conversational cues. I am also considering just putting this on my profile to...I dunno, advise these women to get their act together and actually get put some work in if they want to change their single status.

To conclude, PoF is a fantastic site to meet people. You need to be patient, grow tons of tough skin, laugh, have fun and not take things too personal when you don't get hits. Also consider my filtering process, be cool and cast your net in the sea to get some fish. As a matter of fact, I am going fishing now ;]

Hope this helped.

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    scott_2919November 13th, 2010

    Below average

    I've only had one girl message me with something other than "hello" and 99% of my messages just get read. I've even had someone delete my message without viewing my profile OR reading the message. It's becoming a total waste of time. I'm not creepy. Every message is generic. I try to start a conversation. He's right. Most girls are in it for the ego boost. I had one girl tell me she was seeing someone at the moment. Yet she's online every day. So either she's lying or she likes the attention.

    thatguyJanuary 30th, 2011

    Above average

    Replied to scott_2919 @scott Hey buddy, just hang in there mate. I would also recommend branching into other free dating sites like okcupid to diversify your options. Not to brag, but i did have one of my contacts come through and we are now f**k buddies. I did absolutely nothing to this end as it was entirely on her volition, I just went in there to have a drink with her and she decided to escalate it.

    Keep your profile fresh with a fun, witty introduction, clear pictures showing your face and have really good portrait shots of you made and if you can, check out David DeAngelo's Double Your Dating manual and get the download on female psychology.

    His philosophy has had a profound effect on my view on women and I must admit that I am a tad sloppy with what he recommends I do. I only tried his advice to full effect once and became one with the force. Heck, am gonna dust of my manual and get back to it now. But like I said buddy, hang in there, stay cool. ^^
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    carole_2392July 23rd, 2010


    You can meet every type of woman on this site, I agree with that. But speaking from my single female point of view you get good at weeding out the male wierdos and that is just what I did. I found my match a month into using the site and we are still going strong. He did not lie and neither did I. I was dressed properly and there were no sexual come-ons. To those women out there keep hanging in there cause the good ones are in there. Good luck and special thanks to plentyoffish.
Plenty Of Fish Reviewed by thatguy on . I have been using the site for almost a year now. As free websites go, it really is the best. The problem, if you want to call it that, lies with most of the women there. Rating: 4