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I don't want a girl who's pictures says she's a teacher. Come to find out that was her dream but she's homeless and doesn't have a job and gets disability.

I have compassion but jeez this is not the same person. As for her car she sold it to her brother. The second date found out I worked in the behavioral health field and wanted to know if I had any access to med's? This gal had issues of the mental health variety.

I have compassion but jeez I felt like a father to this 34 year old. She was in the mood making out but the chemistry was all wrong. Plus I don't have intercourse with people I just met. This in not the 60's. Condoms don't protect us against herpes and a couple other things.

The 3rd got drunk and went straight to the make-out session in the car. Cool! No genital warts or herpes from this! Plus she was 32 ish and was wearing a super cute dress and had the right curves and the right tiny waist. But when I went up to her house (Where her Mom lived) She literally wanted to have it without a condom.

Personally I didn't want to have sex at all with her. Kissing is ok when you just met. But for me is out of the card in the first 5 hours. Do you think if she wanted to have sex with me that fast she has it every weekend? yuck

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