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I have meet a lot girls off of POF for about 4 years. I have been dating off and on using POF so when I did. I would be talking to about 3 girls at the same time. Usually one girl I'd set up a date with and meet face to face at a time. Well, back in late 2014 I was using POF very aggressively for a few months. I actually was talking to 3 girls and liked them all. I set up a date with the first one and things went well. We slept with each other after the 2nd date and we hung out for about a week. But after a week I still wanted to seek out others.

Well, after that week went by I set up the date with Girl #2 and she was a drunk freak in bed. Well, we went out 1st date went well just dinner. Then about few days later we went bowling and she got so drunk. I basically had to take her home at the end of the night. She was totally wasted. Over all we ended up sleeping together and it was worth my while. After about 7 more days of her I decided to end it and move on as she was playing mind games with me and I couldn't deal with her anymore.

Now Girl #3 which through this whole time I have never met in person but I was still chatting or texting as I met her the same time on POF as the others. We went out for dinner in a big town in-between both of us. All this time I was hoping to see a nice petite redhead. Well, was I wrong she was over 250 pounds and I was shocked!! I have never been lied to before dating/meeting someone as usually it's them from there pictures. Good thing I got there early and had few beers before hand. That was the fastest date I ever had in my life. I almost was thinking of running out of the place but I didn't want her to be stuck with the check. After about 25mins I'm like its time to go I paid the bill and never sew her again. Still to this day I see her on POF but she has changed her pics. I mean if you look really HOT in high school and you gained weight like 8 years later don't lie about that!!

What I really can't stand is women have the same PICS and never change them. I have been on POF for about 4 years now. I've been off and on. I do change my Pics but I still see the same women I talked to in the beginning and 4 years later have the same pics and as I change my pics like every month they don't remember I've talked to them before.

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