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This site is free unless you want to pay the small fee to have a gold star under your name to indicate that you’re a serious member. Members with this star are very few. The site is constantly going through changes, many bad some good. With the many tabs and sub tabs it doesn’t make for a new user friendly experience. Trying to reach the forums is currently a tricky task. However the forums are not a very friendly place. It's been mentioned on many other review sites that the forum admins run a dictatorship and generally favour the female community regardless if they are guilty or not.

Men literally need to watch EVERYTHING they write or risk a ban brought on from a vindictive women who happens to disagree on a comment. Typically anyone asking for advice will get either their post removed by the community or some person telling them to stop whining. The irony of the forums is that married or non-single people mostly women will use them to belittle the single men. Again this has been noted on many other review sites.

As for finding a match, I cannot say what it is like for people in other areas but it seems like women in Ontario have superficially high standards. If a man does not look like a Hollywood star and is as rich as one, expect to get many unread/deletes from your mails. It does not matter if you are contacting average looking to hot women it’s all the same response. Women on the site tend to be rude. I've come across profiles to which they list just "looking for friends" and on their profile have some form of "write me and say hi!" And yet when you do you get no reply in return. Either read or read/delete or mostly unread/delete.

I have other guy friends on this site and they all have experienced the same thing! Plenty of Fish seems more like a site for women to get their egos swelled. Don't believe me? Look at all the pics of women showing off their boobs or are wearing provocative clothing. And yet they wonder why some guys are asking them for sex.

Plenty of fish is free and unfriendly. Manners mean nothing to women. With the women to men ratio, it makes it very difficult for a man to meet a woman. You’re better off to try a different site, Plenty of fish will just disappoint you.

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    RCJanuary 29th, 2012


    Sorry, but I tried POF a couple of times, and every time I got a very very creepy feeling from it. Seems none of the men actually read the profiles, they just click the "want to meet you" button. I specifically asked that if someone were interested, to write and tell me more about themselves ... and that I would not answer a note that simply said "hi". Yep, you guessed it ... several "hi's", a bunch of "you're pretty" 1-sentence notes, and only one who actually told me a little. But it was very little - definitely not enough to interest me. Personally, I think it's a matter of you get what you pay for. And in this case, you're paying nothing, so you're going to get nothing. My feeling is that most of the people on POF either aren't really serious about wanting to find a partner, or are so broke/out-of-work they can't really afford to date anyway. If a person is actually serious about wanting to find someone for a REAL relationship (and want to use a dating site to do so), they'll pay to be on a decent one. As for me, don't think I'll be back there ... any time.
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    Ellis_4042July 17th, 2011

    Below average

    I agree. I am a Black man and I couldn't get anything going with a white woman. They wouldn't reply and if you see them on chat, they would decline. Now that's not to say all white women are that way, but the majority of them in my area and state of NY. It makes no sense for me to communicate with women from other states because they will say they don't do distance relationships. Now black women give me more replies.

    somedudeJanuary 6th, 2012


    Replied to Ellis_4042 @Ellis I'm having the same difficulty on POF as a black man in Ontario Canada.. The girls just don't respond at all. I'm an attractive man, have a career and all of that, not a gangsta, dresses well and so on. The women here seem like they just want white men. Some seem like they would rather have a white man that treats them like garbage (some even being physical with them) than deal with a black man that would treat them properly.

    Sometimes another thing that goes against us is they assume we are players too which girls have directly told me they thought i was because I look good.

    I remember years ago it was so easy to get white girls. I guess the times have changed lol.
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    JdoggOctober 6th, 2010

    Just average

    What the hell are you supposed to do then? lol pay for shit? So POF is for lesbians? Or......I totally understand the concept of where its like guys not being able to find chicks but honestly what can we do?? I rated this a 3 because its free but women are just their to bullshit with their profiles hangin out and around and ignore guys xD.
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    RealisticMay 18th, 2010

    Just average

    Online dating is best for literate, attractive people. If you can't type, spell, construct a simple sentence or are fat, unattractive or badly groomed, good luck to you. The advantages and disadvantages of POF are the same -- too many people. For people who are new to online dating, they may find a perfectly good person to date but think there might be someone even better on the next page. There seldom is. Strike while the iron is hot.

    To get the most out of POF, you need to find out who the active members are. Do a basic or advanced search and you can see when they were last online. If you just click on the random photos sprinkled across the top of every page, which makes this the ugliest website around, that info doesn't appear.

    Do yourself and the person you are emailing a favor and read the ENTIRE profile so you don't waste their time and yours. Don't assume that someone who finds bald men unattractive, for example, will make an exception for YOU!
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    DB_2110May 15th, 2010

    Below average

    POF is a pretty good site as far as dating sites go. The problem is like most free dating sites, it suffers from a skew of the male/female demographic. Just as an experiment I ran a few searches on Plenty of fish for towns around my area. What I found was this. For some places, men are outnumbering the women by 10-to-1 or more (I didn't have time to try other areas so I don't know if it is the same everywhere). In only a few "best cases", I found the ratio came down to around 2-to-1 men/women, but I didn't find anywhere where it was close to even numbers of male/female. So it means in a typical area where you have say "100 people" registered for dating on POF who are within driving distance of you, the reality is you could have something like 90 men chasing 10 women in that area. So it means it's good for the women maybe but not the guys... For men, dating on POF is a bit like hanging around in male locker room and wondering why you can't meet a woman.
Plenty Of Fish Reviewed by irritated on . This site is free unless you want to pay the small fee to have a gold star under your name to indicate that you’re a serious member. Rating: 1