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Plenty of Fish is a popular site only because it is free. What this means is there are a ton of men on there but a limited amount of women in your area. Let me break it down for you. I have known several men who have emailed 100 or more women to not get a SINGLE response. If you are getting anywhere between 10-20 percent of responses from women you are doing better than most. They also have a Meet Me figure that is worthless.

The only way you can figure out who clicked on the Meet Me profile is to pay for it and those that did simply saw your picture without necessarily looking at your profile (not much chance of a real relationship if they don't even know what you are about). I have spoken with other guys and most guys usually will get between 2-6 Meet Me's after posting an ad for a day or two and then that will level off. What you need to do is check women's profiles and find out how many are actually on consistently. In most cases, you will find there are very few these days especially if you live in a smaller area. I checked today and only about 10 women from my town had been on so that limits your chances right there.

In addition, most women don't look at your profile until you look at theirs first or contact them and then you will get few responses, because women are probably getting 50-200 emails a day, so what are the odds she responds to yours?

Most of the guys on the website are reasonable looking and have pretty good profiles but yours is going to get read much by the women. Don't let it destroy your self-esteem. In fact, I had three buddies of mine go on the website. These are athletic, good looking fellas who have never had a problem getting dates but have just gotten frustrated with the dating scene and gave this a chance. None have gotten even mild interest.

Just as an experiment I decided to create two fake profiles, one male and one female to test a theory. I found a really attractive picture of a woman and a really attractive picture of a man. The profile I wrote for the guy was thought provoking while I didn't write much for the woman. Guess what? Even this really good looking stud got very few Meet Me's and very few views. It proved that women want men to do all the work. While the female who put in the exact same small town got tons of views despite not writing anything of substance.

What it amounts to is most of us are average hard-working guys and decent looking with decent jobs but everyone is competing with everyone and there are actually few serious women there, so the odds of you finding anyone is almost zero.

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    Plenty Of Fish Reviewed by bradleyplunk on . Plenty of Fish is a popular site only because it is free. What this means is there are a ton of men on there but a limited amount of women in your area. Rating: 1.1