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One of the major problems on pof is desperate loser creepy old guys who message girls whom they know they'd never have a chance with. All that does is waste everyone's time and make it harder for guys like me with an actual chance. It gives mediocre women the impression that men will fight over them or vie for their attention. I know for a fact that a lot of the "prettiest" girl’s profiles in my city have been on there for years. Can't a super pretty girl find a man after all that time? Makes you wonder their reason for being there then. I can see not deciding to meet guys after a few exchanges. But to not even acknowledge a reasonably attractive persons profile who has a decent amount to offer seems a bit odd. And the women apparently hate the metro sexual douchey shirtless guys too, so I'm wondering what type of guy is getting all the women on there, if any at all.

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    WomenAreHorribleTodayNovember 23rd, 2018


    Most women on that POF site are just so very horrible and very stuck up total losers since they really believe that they really are all that which they really are very pathetic altogether. Always looking for the rich type of guy since they want Mr. Perfect. The women in the good old days which most of them were Real Ladies and the very complete opposite of today which made it very easy for the men back then that were really looking for a good woman since they really did exist at one time. Today most women are a real total disaster since they're just not worth meeting at all period.
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    Truth33November 1st, 2018


    Usually all the low life pathetic loser women are on that site.
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    justsomeguyJune 17th, 2018


    All of the women are gold-diggers, all wasting their looks and youth looking for the unicorn Mr. Perfect whom does not exist. No one wants to build a relationship, guys want one thing, women want EVERYTHING else
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    PlainJaneCountryGirlJanuary 12th, 2013

    Above average

    I met quite a few men that were absolutely georgous, however they were either dumb as a rock or so stuck on themselves that it drove me insane. The guy I eventually fell for, waited a year for me to reply to his email... but it prooved to be the only one I should have responded to. Almost 3 yrs later, and we are now engaged to be married.
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    Krissy_4908February 22nd, 2012


    Plenty of Fish is horrible! There are so many fake guys on there! When I am searching for a profile, most of the guys' photo's are of them with a mirror shot with no shirt and or it's a photo of a male model! I was on there for 6 months and all I got was one message from a guy. He didn't seem that bad, but he couldn't keep up a good convo. Most of the messages I got and ignored were from creepy older men and guys that looked like thugs. Gross!
Plenty Of Fish Reviewed by joe655 on . One of the major problems on pof is desperate loser creepy old guys who message girls whom they know they'd never have a chance with. Rating: 1