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    peachcandiesDecember 1st, 2015


    this POF site blows. nothing but freaks like boggs714, ...creep beyond words. ladies avoid this guy!
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    JTLFebruary 10th, 2014


    I agree. I'm a fairly attractive man. Since I have trouble meeting the "right" type of women, I took someone's advice and joined Plenty of Fish. Several women emailed me, wanting to meet, etc. I found out very quickly that everyone on POF seems to be lying about something. Their photos are from 20 years ago, they are lying about not being a smoker, or something. According to the women I corresponded with on POF, the number of creepy men is astronomical. Yet another attempt at "dating" hits the dust.
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    Holly_4845February 5th, 2012

    Just average

    You wanna talk about a POF horror story...Well here's one for the record books.

    This was a couple years ago and I had just recently become single so I figured I'd test the waters and get a POF account, harmless right?

    After a few months of skimming through countless "you're hot" and "damns!!", I finally found a gentleman (or so I thought) who could hold a conversation and was worth following through with. After about a month of back and forth conversations I decided to arrange a coffee date, now I live in Kitchener and this guy lived about 30 minutes away in Woodstock so I figured when I got paid I would throw some gas in my car and make a trip to meet this stranger.

    About a week and a half before my trip I came into work to find my boss smiling, when I asked her she said to me "THEY CAUGHT TORI STAFFORDS MURDERER!!", in which I was delighted as we had been following the case through the news for months. They had released his photo from the ones attached to his POF profile and sure enough, the murderer staring back at me in the paper was that of Micheal Rafferty and the exact profile photo of the guy I was supposed to be meeting in about a week. I broke down in tears as if they had waited any longer to catch him I may have ended up like the 8 year old girl this guy dismembered and murdered outside of Woodstock.

    Now I will not touch POF with a ten foot pole as you never know the back-story of that profile picture.
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    someguyJanuary 3rd, 2012


    I had this waste of time for about 6 months to a year. All it did was give me no responses and a bunch of nothing. I am not the best looking guy but I made sure I stayed in my league and did not go for the hottest girl there. I even picked a few chubby girls that appeared to have good personalities. Somehow I received no response for being "that nice guy women appeared to want in their profiles". If women feel that they should think that highly of themselves on a dating site to not even give a courtesy response, then they shouldn't be on the site in the first place. A dating site to me means you are willing to sacrifice looks for happiness and if you can't do that then you should really have your head examined.
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