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    BenjaminMorganAugust 20th, 2009


    Parship is a difficult site to navigate, and does not let you automatically see your intended 'date', which strikes me as monumentally counter-intuitive. Also, you cannot find people near you - just people in a geographical 'region', which may be hundreds of miles across (e.g.: the South-West, or Scotland..!). Their billing system means that you may end up paying far more than you intended, and their 'customer support' is a joke. Parship is a site to be avoided.
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    DebbieAugust 15th, 2009


    I joined up with Parship three months ago, and thought I would get a 25% discount which didn't happen. Didn't get told amount of money I would be parting with until received invoice and transaction already had gone through. Parship has an automatic renewal policy for subscriptions but they don't e-mail you or contact you to say that this is due to expire. Their cancellation policy (when you find it) is very confusing and you have to submit about three different pieces of information regarding your account so that they can identify who you are. I am currently disputing the amount they have invoiced me. Be warned.
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    sarasaintJuly 7th, 2009


    This is one of the most useless dating websites ever. For 100% certain at least the last three people who contacted me were totally fraudulent. I traced their IP addresses to Ghana. In fact two of them had the same IP address. One of them even used a mobile with a Ghanaian number. He claimed to be a jewellery designer from Manchester who grew up in Belgium or Italy depending on which one it was. I have e-mailed them several times to report this and got no reply. Next time I'll try German to see of that gets a better response. Do not join this agency.

    MFMarch 31st, 2011


    Replied to sarasaint @sara saint Whatever you do don't join the German branch. I wanted to delete my profile as the 3 months were coming to an end. When I went to delete it (on the last day before my subscription ran out), it stated I had to do that 7 days in advance. The first 3 months were about 131.00 GBP, but when they renewed my profile automatically they didn't charge me with the same choice of profile, but the most expensive 181.00 GBP! And the bill came from Utrecht (Netherlands), the site (administration) is in Germany and the info. Email is in Switzerland. I think that says it all about being a serious company.....and as for the blurred pictures so you cannot even see the person.... Whatever you do do not waste your time and most of all your money with this site ......Terrible!! Now my lawyer is taking care of it.
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    SDJuly 7th, 2009


    I joined Parship for 1 month and was approached by several people who were clearly scamming (1 asked me to phone a high-price 07031 mobile) and was also sent 2 different profiles with the same photo on! Now Parship seems to be refusing to cancel my membership and have just taken money from my credit card again. Beware!
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    SarahApril 25th, 2009

    Just average

    Parship is potentially a really good system. I like the way that the photos are not visible until you release them. And of course you can see whether you're going to be compatible with each potential partner, and where potential friction may arise. Great idea.

    The main problem is that the website is really slow. Pages take up to two minutes to load! As each potential partner has four pages to look through, this is just mind blowingly slow and it's impossible to enjoy the process.

    I hope they improve this, as I'd like to give it a proper chance to find me my Mr Right!
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    Amy_639February 19th, 2009


    I agree with Pauline, is one of the worst sites around (along with eHarmony apparently). I'm currently a member with Parship, signed up for 3-months because it looked and sounded good. Bravo on their marketing team, who use media, i.e. trusted newspapers, TV advertising etc to market their company. It's been about 2 weeks now and so far haven't had any new recommended matches than the ones displayed for me when I first joined. And the blurry pictures stay blurry until the other user decides to release it for your viewing, really doesn't help, as you can't see who you're talking to. I'm basically wasting my �,£57 for a 3-month membership. What's worse is that I checked my bank statement and I've been charged twice for the subscription. I had started to use my credit card to pay but then realised they had this thing called "One click" I think it's called, which is a faster way to pay really, after keying in my info, it took me back to the same page as the credit card. Thinking I had to go onto that page to get to the completed payment stage, I clicked to register. I thought it odd that I got 2 emails one from one click and another from Parship... then I checked my bank account and yup, I've been charged twice.

    They're only form of contact is via e-mail form and I have yet to hear from them regarding my partial refund for not giving me the service that's suppose to be there, and refunding the extra charge they took out.
    Beware of this site!

    My tip would be to do a bit of research and digging before joining any dating site, and be sure to take note of what other members of the site have said and not the marketing people giving glowing reviews.
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    PaulineFebruary 4th, 2009


    I would not recommend Parship. I initially found the site difficult to navigate, so wrote asking for help three times, there was no response, this was within the eight day cooling-off period. As I was unable to contact any members on the site, I decided to apply for a refund. There's no easy explanation on how to get a refund if you wish to cancel your subscription before eight days, even though I wrote asking them how to do this, again no reply, so I forfeited my �,£20 subscription for no service whatsoever. A waste of money. The only transaction that was speedy was them taking my money out.
Parship 1.76 21 A review of Parship. Parship UK is suited to people looking for a long-term relationship and who would like to leave the searching to someone else. The Parship system recommends matches to its members based on their compatibility score.