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A pay dating service intended for the mature over 50's crowd - though there are people of younger ages there too. It's a subscription service and most communication features require upgrading. There's a matchmaking tool, email and instant chat available.

Created for the over 50's set to meet, date and enjoy life.

OurTime is an age 50+ (more) dating site owned by the People Media network. Those joining this site will automatically have access to the other sites in this network, and their profile will be displayed there also.

Getting In

A profile can be created for free, however all contact privileges (beyond sending flirts) will require upgrading to a paid membership plan. While the site is seemingly for the 50+ crowd, it's quickly apparent on doing searches that there are many people there of all ages.

Nevertheless, if you adjust your search settings accordingly, you'll see there are an ample number of mature people as well.

'Match Me' is Ourtime's compatibility test

As well as photos, profiles can contain multimedia files such as audio messages and video clips. It's also possible to add a few personal touches such as your own wallpaper and special icon.

Matching Features

The site has a matchmaking system called "Match Me" which is available to paying members. On clicking the compatibility link in any profile, you'll be able to see how compatible you are with that person (and how compatible they are with you).

As a free member, you'll be sent daily "matches" which you can add to your favorites list - though on attempting to initiating contact, you'll be sent to the "upgrade now" page. For paying members, there's also the possibility to see who's viewed their profile and who's added them to their favorites list.

The endless prompts telling you to upgrade do become tiresome.

In Summary

OurTime is a paid service which requires a subscription to use in any meaningful way. The free account gives only limited access, but lets you get a feel for the type of people on the site.

For those using it for free for any length of time, the endless prompts telling you to "upgrade" can become bothersome. There are other options out there fore seniors looking for love (here), it's just a case of finding the site that's right for you.

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  • Avatar

    chiefdeputySeptember 6th, 2014


    I think ourtime is a waste of time. This is the second time I have paid for a month and I can't help but notice that the women are the same one's from the first time I did this 2 years ago. I get more views when I don't pay, that doesn't make sense.
  • Avatar

    StaceyJune 5th, 2014

    Below average

    Misleading site. The amounts reflected on upgrade is for several months. None of them are per month - you pay full year. And although I got alot of views; not alot of flirts or contacts. And after reading this site comments - I should have visited here first. Don't bother.
  • Avatar

    7734April 26th, 2013


    This site is linked to and several other so called "Sister Sites", and used my profile on without me knowing it or having my permission! Our Time then charged my Debit Card an extra $21.99 a month without my knowledge so I am having to fight them to recieve my money back!!! I do believe this is called FRAUD!!!!!! Shame on the company that owns them for doing this!
  • Avatar

    ellispooh2002July 13th, 2012


    i was on this site for about 10 days, when i meet a really great guy we talked for a week and decided to meet. everything was going great when someone hacked my account. within a 8 hours he never wanted to speak to me again. not to mention all the guys with the really nice profiles that just want your personal information lets not forget the ones who just want to sleep with you the whole experience was a nightmare SAVE YOUR MONEY AND GET A CAT.
  • Avatar

    MichiganApril 10th, 2012


    I have been on this site for a few weeks. I signed up for one month just to try it. There are a lot of older men that seem nice but you never know. The reason I am writing this review is to tell all the women out there thinking of using this site is to **beware** of scammers who pretend to be soldiers from Afghanistan, saying they are using someone else's profile due to security reasons. Oh they make it sound real good...even sending pictures of soldier's embracing their kids!! How despicable!!!

    I gave one my email...(I opened separate email account just to receive emails from this site ) after reading one email it was obvious English was not their first language. So I figured it out quickly and blocked any further communication. Then just today as I was online another chat popped up with the same come line. Well, you can imagine what I told

    So be careful ladies and happy hunting!

    JennyMobleyApril 27th, 2012

    Below average

    Replied to Michigan @Michigan Hi! I wish I had seen your email about a week and a half ago. I don't know if I am talking to these same folks or not, but... I was bopping along and out of the blue got an IM from a man that I first thought was from Florida, his bio said that "was home." When I asked about Florida, he told me that it had been home, but that currently, for last 9 months, he was a soldier in Afghanistan. He had no pic, but he seemed very nice and told me that if I was interested in knowing more to write to him at his personal email. I did. And we hit it off.

    However, this is the part I can't quite get, his sentence structure and verb usage was just "off." I am not one to cast stones, but we have progressed to a level that I felt warranted a background check, before I got further emotionally attached. I have pics of him in uniform and civilian clothes and also pics of his children, alone and with him. Further,(ding, ding) he has a buddy in Ghana that accepts mail for soldiers, since he is a retired US soldier working there at an orphanage, and can get packages to the recipients/US soldiers faster than NATO security? And US officers go there for army business and pick up on the way home?? So, I am a researcher... and I began doing the work. Problem is, I can't confirm anything-nothing...he is supposed to be career military, with 29 yrs ready to retire soon. And due to the war, I can get no info at the US military site, either. So, I am just playing it out, for the time being and hoping I am wrong. But, my gut is telling me I am not. Any comments?

    Jill_5086April 20th, 2012


    Replied to Michigan @Michigan Yes, I agree with the letter from above. This website is not secure, and I find this is terrible, and makes it hard for the people that are truly trying to find there soul mate. This site needs to filter there prospects a bit better, and most of the profiles are fake. This is truly a shame, and to use the military is even more horrible I agree. I too agree you must be careful on this website, and scan when needed. Yes, and many of them do have bad English and spelling errors.
  • Avatar

    LindbergMarch 26th, 2012

    Above average

    I canceled on 2/14/12. I was billed again for this month 3/14/12 The charge is being disputed with Credit Card Company.
OurTime 1.47 10 A review of OurTime. A pay dating service intended for the mature over 50's crowd - though there are people of younger ages there too. It's a subscription service and most communication features require upgrading.