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Online Dating Ukraine is a marriage agency website that lists profiles of women from Ukraine and Russia and charges men a fee to correspond with them. Browsing is free as well as sending letters (email), however men must purchase credits to open letters they receive.

A foreign bride website where you can meet women from the Ukraine.

The basic idea is the same as other foreign marriage websites. They have a catalog of very beautiful young women, mostly from poor ex-soviet countries, and men are charged a service fee for all interaction with the ladies, including correspondence, translations, and if it goes that far, an eventual meeting.

Most of the women appearing on such sites (at least the legitimate ones) are registered with a local marriage agency in their home towns. The agency, usually working on an arrangement fee, will publish the woman's profile through various channels in order to attract as much interest as possible. So don't be surprised to see the same girls on many of these sites.

If you want to use a marriage agency you need to be aware from the start of the potential costs.

The Women

This particular site has a catalog of women, mostly of Ukrainian origin. Many are wearing bikinis or sexy underwear and are photographed in seductive poses. Men can view photographs, but must pay credits to watch any videos that the girl may have provided.

It's free for men to send letters however they must pay to open letters they've received. Additionally, they must first open a letter, before being able to send another one.


Each lady's profile displays the number of credits required to open a letter from her. It's also possible to search for profiles by letter cost. The cost to communicate with each lady depends on how easy it is for the agency to communicate with her, not how popular she is.

Correspondence costs are higher for those women who don't have email access, and who live in more remote areas. In this situation there may be additional costs incurred by the agency in telephoning her or writing to her by mail.

Dear Men, Don't Forget the Costs...

Men who use this service need to be aware from the start of the potential costs of corresponding with females, and the costs involved in visiting her, and possibly arranging her relocation to his home country. The women listed on this site, and others like it, may not have internet access or the ability to interact with men on a typical dating site.

The main advantage of the foreign-bride sites is that they bring these women to the attention of foreign men who may be interested in them. However it's certainly possible to find attractive Ukrainian women who are more internet savvy on many of the regular dating sites.

So men need to weigh up the pros and cons of each. They also need to be aware of the potential for fraud due to the many agencies and intermediaries that are involved.

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  • Avatar

    TorstenMay 16th, 2016


    WARNING - This is not a serious dating page, but payful and paintfu. You must buy each letter from one lady and you get no adress or contact information and you can not smuggle your contact-information. All mails completely controlled! Each letter cost between $7,75 USD and $20 USD. After all you have payed, you can buy her adresss for $50 USD and more, but you don't knew, you have buy an fake or not. There are a lot of fakes. Go rather eat well, of which you have more and less hassle.
  • Avatar

    GotoanothersiteJuly 31st, 2011


    This is just one appearance of a whole family of sites, sharing the same database. The only difference is the wallpaper and layout. [URLs removed]

    The ladies have the same ID, pictures and characteristics on each of these sites, and after you have registered at one site, you can login anywhere. It is impossible to exchange personal information. Email addresses are deleted from messages, even if you reformat them like "surname dot name at server dot country".

    The same for web links. Lines containing a URL are deleted. However you can put in a phone number, if you write the numbers in letters. I never thought about that after trying to send my email address, but my lady sent her phone number that way.

    You can request her identity after the 15th letter (first one not included because that one is free). But this is quite useless if you have her last name and street address deep down in Ukraine and there is no information on the internet about her (like in my case). So you have to keep on opening letters at the same rate as before, because - in my case - she still needs translation.

    Apart from the website there was a Ukrainian marriage agency involved. They log in on behalf of the lady and send you virtual kisses and letters, and they reply to your letter. Well at least the first ones. But you are never sure to whom you are writing and who is answering, because there is a translator in between.

    I wrote for 7 months and opened 33 letters at a rate of 20US$.

    And how it ended? Well, we are talking (by email) about a second meeting right now ...
  • Avatar

    ivJuly 17th, 2011


    The site is a cheat! Keep away from it! They make you pay for every email and there seems to be no way you can get girls' real email or address.
  • Avatar

    Dan_4009July 10th, 2011


    It's surely a scam site. I got 50+ smiles and 10+ mail messages in half a day, even though my profile was incomplete and with no photo. I think all these sites advertising Russian/Ukrainian women are scams.
  • Avatar

    Chris_3927June 21st, 2011


    If you join this site you will be bombarded, and I mean bombarded with smiles and mails. I have tried to correspond with a few but its hopeless the answers they give are very general and do not correspond to what questions you have asked. The place is a scam site in my experience.
  • Avatar

    PoulMay 24th, 2011


    Agree, I spend $300 on a couple of girls. After 18 letters you are supposed to get free communication. But the great interest disappears from the ladies to continue.
  • Avatar

    Scammed_3800May 18th, 2011


    It's a scam, but a pleasant one if you don't pay. It decently makes sense what yall are saying. I am a decent looking guy but there is no way I am going to get smiles or kisses on another dating website. And sure as hell not from all '10s'. It felt nice for the first 4 days till I realized it's too good to be true and I did some research and 99% of all guys with half a brain on this website have said it's a scam. Unfortunately I concur, 2 thumbs down. I honestly thought there were actually romantic sweet women out there somewhere. I just wanted one girl not hundreds, my slutty days are done... :(
  • Avatar

    CosmoMay 13th, 2011


    Scam city! So obvious as all the previous posts say! Too good to be true chicks send 10-20 smiles and letters every day! Haven't spent a penny here.
  • Avatar

    Martin_3682April 19th, 2011


    I fully agree that online-dating-ukraine and must be a scam. The way-too-beautiful girls all have photo-studio shots, write to every and any new member and try to make sure you pay hundreds of USD to keep being in touch... Question to all of you guys: Which site do you recommend for finding a true Ukrainian date? Which is the best site that offers real girls at acceptable prices to get in touch?
  • Avatar

    RodFebruary 15th, 2011


    I tried this site for 4 days and they just suck money. I paid $50 for contact information and never heard anything again. After a $150.00 I have been scammed. Now to get my profile off.
Online Dating Ukraine 1.45 20 A review of Online Dating Ukraine. Online Dating Ukraine is a marriage agency website that lists profiles of women from Ukraine and Russia and charges men a fee to correspond with them.