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For a free site, this is eons better than Plenty of Fish. POF is like the Ross of online dating. It's aesthetically a disaster, and there's a ton of crap that you can't sort through. Though certainly maybe .001% are worth a shot. But I'm not a "Ross" kind of girl-- so I don't think my type of guy is there either. A friend of mine loves it though (we always joke, however, that she ends up with starving artists).

The layout of the site is very manageable. My favorite part of this site is how easy it is to x people off from your searches so they don't come up in the future-- it's better than even-- as the whole page doesn't have to reload everytime you x someone off-- on Match it takes 5 minutes to x off five people-- here about 30 seconds. The result is that after you've worked your way through profiles you're interested in or not into, you have very manageable results. Additionally, unlike, you can secretly mark favorites, give people ratings/stars or notes, or even choose to turn profile viewing onto secret-- meaning you can get organized without feeling like you made an announcement to the person that you like them.

Yes a lot of the questions are stupid, but they're user generated. It's free-- so it happens. The matching / enemy count is also helpful I think-- though I take it somewhat lightly, a 40% enemy or so is definitely grounds for ignoring. The tests also help round out profiles more than you get on the scant "" profile-- and you just have way more control than e Harmony (which doles out profiles for you to view on their own whims).

As for quality, I went out with one guy who had a girlfriend (yeah... not cool)-- though that has happened to me in real life and on Match, too. And have also met one who's not my type, and another who I'm now happily facebook friends with. I've been on about a year, and only met 3 people in person (my choice-- I get about 15-20 emails / mo-- average is about 8-9 for women I think)-- in the same time, I've probably met 20 from (where I get about 30-40 emails/mo). If that gives you a feel for "quality" or "quantity" (I'm picky, but hey)-- so be it.

I live in Los Angeles. I'm 29, I think this site caters to the under 35 crowd. I get hit on by a lot more young guys here than on Match. Match-- more 33+.

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    AnonymousZAugust 26th, 2020


    I get hundreds of wanna meets, but never any messages. All the years on there I never did a meetup date with anyone on that site. The new format made it worse and has many more phony profiles then they used to have.
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    phil2December 23rd, 2012

    Just average

    I need to find a better site than Cupid or POF. I think, especially for free sites, they were user friendly and set up nicely. I was positive about the prospects for each of these sites. My goodness, they both have been failures for me! I am a decent looking, fit, 61 yr. old fellow. I only heard from older women, some 10-13 years older.

    I sent sincere, pleasant messages to quite a few ladies and only about 10% bothered to respond to me. Sometimes we'd exchange 2-3 messages and they would just stop. I think they were hearing from many men and had multitudes to choose from. POF is no bargain but Cupid was the lesser of the two, yielding almost nothing..

    I don't mind paying for a site but almost anything has to be better than these two sites which were both very disappointing to me.
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    alJune 7th, 2010

    Just average

    Please educate me, from your female perspective, on what exactly is a "Ross" type of girl?
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    DatingApril 12th, 2010


    A very interesting set of tests, I passed some of them and I can say that this is a great pleasure. I recommend to all!
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    Andy_1784February 16th, 2010

    Below average

    Who the hell is "Ross"? Please explain for us non-Americans!!

    8989June 2nd, 2012


    Replied to Andy_1784 I am american and i didn't get it either.

    Ross_3828May 26th, 2011

    Above average

    Replied to Andy_1784 I think what "Ross" means is the clothing store. At the top you would have your boutique stores, Louix Vuitton, Versace, Armani, then Bloomingdales, then Macy's, keep working your way across the board, next down would be your J.C. Penny, Sears, Marshalls, and then Ross. Ross is still above thrift stores. Make sense?
OKCupid Reviewed by BeaUSA on . For a free site, this is eons better than Plenty of Fish. POF is like the Ross of online dating. It's aesthetically a disaster, and there's a ton of crap that you can't sort through. Rating: 4