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Oasis is a semi free dating site that's growing in popularity particularly in the UK and Australia. It offers a range of features including searching for profiles, matchmaking tools and allows you to specify the type of relationship you are seeking.

Oasis, also known as is aimed at a wide variety of people. Though it says on it's home page that it's totally free this isn't entirely true. Like other "free sites" (think pof and okcupid) there's actually quite a lot you need to pay for if you want to get the most.

Though it says on it's home page that it's totally free this isn't entirely true.

Oasis is international and has a strong following in the United Kingdom and Australia. There are members in a wide variety of age ranges, too.

If you are looking for a long term relationship it can work. However, the site also mentions that it wants the dating experience to be fun for all members.

Getting Started

Joining Oasis is straightforward - there are no lengthy questionnaires or personality tests. Simply fill in the required information on the home page and choose a username and a password.

You'll then be prompted to complete a second page where you may elaborate more about your personality and who you'd like to meet. Some sections can be skipped but it is advisable to complete all parts accurately where possible.

All new profiles need to be approved before they go live, so you will not have full access until your profile is activated. Half completed profiles will likely be rejected.

Once you are approved, the first thing you may want to do is check your privacy settings. Here you can control who sees your profile and who has access to your private photos. They have a strict policy on photos; your main photo has to be a clear face shot - no nudity allowed.

Oasis' dating app let you access your account and browse profiles whilst on the go.


Oasis has a number of unique features; the contact box is a quick message tool that lets you keep track of your friends and contacts there.

Another handy tool is the alerts box. This will notify you of any interesting activity, such as when someone winks at you, when someone accepts/declines your contact request, and when someone views your profile. Alerts can be switched on or off.

"Shout Outs" let you send a message to 1000 of your most recent dating interests to see what the response might be. Be prepared for a busy time writing replies though! You'll need to buy credits to use this feature.

Finding People

There are two search modes: Quick and Advanced. The quick search lets you filter people by basic criteria such as gender, age and location. The advanced search includes just about every option you can imagine - but do remember it will only show results of people who've updated those parts of their profiles.

The Community

Many of the members on Oasis have very descriptive and interesting profiles. You really get the feel that members are truly looking for a special someone. Because Oasis is international, you may find a little difficulty finding a lot of people who are local to you.

However, many do put their location right in their profile description, which may make it easier to find people who are geographically acceptable.

In Conclusion

Oasis is a relative newcomer to the free dating scene, however they have succeeded in gaining a sizable following. Due in part to their novel features and simple format. The site does display ads, though this is the price paid for a free service.

All in all, Oasis seems to be a good site for the serious dater, and you certainly can't beat the price!

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  • Avatar

    robototSeptember 22nd, 2013


    This isn't free! lol, you need to pay to send messages!!!
  • Avatar

    Joe_5143May 22nd, 2012


    Wasted of time, fake profiles that wanted to chat on yahoo and ask for your money.
  • Avatar

    Sweetpea84482March 10th, 2012


    Just had my time completely wasted by a loser with a profile for a 33 year old man, actually a 20 year old boy! I won't be wasting my time again with Oasis.
  • Avatar

    ShashaMarch 4th, 2012


    This website is must be blocked..why? because it only makes people so liberated.all the members in this oasis that com,,only want one thing and that is online sex..this site must be remove..
  • Avatar

    jim_4103August 2nd, 2011

    Above average

    Just looking 4 that special person 2 share the UPS and downs of life.
  • Avatar

    Matt_3789May 16th, 2011

    Below average

    I wouldn't call this a great site. Filled with spam also.
  • Avatar

    JoetolandApril 6th, 2011

    Just average

    I seem to be having a problem trying to join from my I phone, when I press the join logo it automatically sends me into app store. 1.71 7 A review of Oasis is a semi free dating site that's growing in popularity particularly in the UK and Australia.