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MySpace is a social site where members create their own personalized pages and create friend networks. This popular site is free to join and offers a wealth of features for interacting with other members and forming social groups.

One of the Internet's most famous social networking sites, became a major phenomenon soon after its creation in 2003. The site bills itself as, "a place for friends," but that is a deceptively simple slogan. MySpace users can, of course, get to know other MySpace users online and initiate friendships (many of which can spill over into the "real world'). Members can also use MySpace to keep in touch with old friends who no longer live in the same geographic location--indeed, at this point, MySpace boasts a community of users that spans the globe.

However, one of the best uses of MySpace is reserved for musicians, artists, and other creative types in need of self-promotion. Musicians and other artists can use the site as a powerful promotion tool. They can post samples of their music, or even full songs, as well as keep their MySpace-based fan base informed of upcoming events. MySpace users can list their artistic and musical preferences in their personal profiles, which lets musicians and other artists easily find their target audience. Of course, ordinary users can also use MySpace to post photos, send each other messages, and generally keep one another abreast of their lives.

In the last few years, MySpace has lost significant ground to rivals, particularly to sites like Facebook which are seen as more in vogue, but offer a similar user experience.

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