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I belonged to this service for 2 years, which ended in April 2010. I did not use it regularly throughout the entire time, but did spend a lot of money just to read and send letters. It costs 1 credit to read a letter and one credit to write a letter. Each credit costs approximately $6 US. That adds up pretty fast when you connect with someone and want to know a little about them.

As for the ladies, I got the sense they could send and receive letters for free. I often got 3 and 4 line letters from ladies, who had nothing but drivel to say. If I decided to write them back, and asked a few questions, often they would send another short 3 or 4 line letter and not answer all or any of the questions I had asked. Sometimes it goes on like this for days before you get to know them a bit. In the meantime you spent $48 to read and write a total of 4 letters.

I am not sure if the site is a scam, as I did meet a couple of interesting ladies, and corresponded with one for many months before giving up on My Poppet. Never did I meet a lady who knew English well enough to correspond without the use of the translation service at My Poppet. And if you wanted to contact a lady directly, you had to pay $124 to buy that information. Furthermore, the ladies were not permitted to buy your information and contact you directly. Only the men. Go figure? More indication of a scam? Perhaps. In addition, their translators screen all letters, and translate them into the destination language. So, you cannot be sure what actually makes it through to the lady you are communicating with. Any time I made reference to something about the service, there was never any mention of it in the next letter I received.

If you have deep pockets, then give My Poppet a shot. One thing for sure, you will get all kinds of letters from very good looking, and young, ladies. It matters not, what you put in your profile as to the type of lady you are looking for. It's as if they can't read at all, because you will get responses from every age group, every language they may or may not know, smoker, drinker, non, it doesn't seem to matter. They all send you letters. Just train yourself to ignore most of them, and only read the sincere ones you are interested in. Otherwise, call your banker first and take out a second mortgage.

And if you decide to delete your profile? Be ready to be persistent about it. It took me a week and 3 contact letters before they seem to get the message.

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    andreyMarch 2nd, 2011


    I was registered for a year and started to receive dozens of emails a week. I was deleting them one by one until I saw a fine looking girl and decided to chat. On the first letter she was so serious and asked what my strengths and weaknesses are, said she was going to answer any question I ask. So i asked a few simple questions and the next letter i get is totally off, no reply to my questions but only BS like "my favorite color is white, what's yours?" All of the letters entice you to keep buying credits to read and reply to letters, you would get a letter that shows part of the first sentence which sounds interesting and you what to read the rest but you have to buy credits to read it. I know the site is fake because there are many errors in the site's programming, second, all the responses in the letters have poetic language and are not a direct communication on a subject. The language in the letters switch from intelligent writing to no grammar first grade thinking process. Sending a few letters was enough for me to realize this is not real. I contacted my bank and reported the scam and got refunds on all credits purchased.
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    James_3137January 15th, 2011


    Update! Listen up everyone. You are going to really want to know this. Completely true! So I was given 100% confirmation that the site was bogus. I promised not to give names out due to retaliation from the site owners. I was contacted by an ex employee of The site really was legit at the start. When the economy crashed, the owners began creating fake profiles and were the ones writing to the clients. So if you have been a member of their site for the past 2 years, you have not been communicating with any female that is posted on their site. I will be trying to file a fraud charge with my bank but I do not think that I will get too far. ~James.
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    James_3137January 3rd, 2011


    Okay, here we go. I have been on this site for well over 7 months and yes I have spent thousands of dollars thinking that I was in communication with my dream girl(s). Good to be true? Yes sir. I made the mistake of beginning my communication with several of the girls. All I can say is that they keep you there many months. Their job is to get as much $$$ from you as possible. When they finally tell you that you are the man for them they disappear, they will not respond to your messages whatsoever. My best advice is to ask for more pictures after several days of communication. They will not be able to provide them because most of the time they already posted all the ones they found on the internet. I can tell you that over the course of my time, I received about 300 letters, I only responded to the ones that I thought were a good match but still was scammed. I finally deleted my account and guess what, the moment a girl emailed me; my account was reactivated without my permission.

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MyPoppet Reviewed by JohnD on . I belonged to this service for 2 years, which ended in April 2010. I did not use it regularly throughout the entire time, but did spend a lot of money just to read and send letters. Rating: 2