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MyPoppet is a website that enables foreign men to contact Russian women seeking marriage. The site features about 176 profiles of women from the ex-Soviet Union, with photos, biographies and contact details. Men must pay for all communication via the site's credit system.

MyPoppet features a small catalog of attractive women from Russia, who are all reportedly seeking marriage with a man from a more wealthy European or Asian country, or the United States.

Too many men?

We estimate the site attracts at least 30,000 male visitors per month. With only around 176 female profiles on display, the ratio of women to men on the site is very low.

Female profiles on MyPoppet contain a short biography, personal details, a horoscope, and English language fluency. For a fee, men are allowed access additional information, such as who the lady is currently corresponding with, her login activity, and who's called her.

Credits for services

Credits must be purchased for letters, emails, and translations and all other services that are provided. A telephone translation service is also available where a man can request a call to his chosen lady. Upon acceptance by the woman, a translator will assist in the call where necessary.

Is it any good?

MyPoppet offers a typical foreign bride service, where men must pay in order to communicate with beautiful women in the site's catalog. As with all such services, it is essential that men do their research, familiarize themselves with the operation of such sites and use their own judgment as to the authenticity of the women displayed there.

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  • Avatar

    robbDecember 6th, 2011


    My Poppet, or whatever those idiots call themselves, is a complete scam, even worse, one of the ladies profiled, uses the pic of a famous porno star, as her own pic. Save your money, and go to the respective countries in person, if one wishes to meet a foreign lady....IMO.
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    davidfApril 13th, 2011


    Hi i used Mypoppet a few years ago and it is definitely a scam that cost me a lot of money, and more besides! When i first joined i was shocked at how many ladies were replying to me (100%!) that immediately made me suspicious normally i get no replies at all! I got talking with one girl called "Anna" who i started to like a lot not just for her looks but we appeared to have a lot in common. After almost a year i said i wanted to meet her and she was pleased so i contacted the number which didn't work. I then checked them out and the number was fake and the address was fake so i realised all along it was a scam and i was upset cos i liked the girl a lot (except now i realise she isn't real!). The best part is she then mailed me accusing me of breaking her heart for not going to see her, despite writing to her my experience! (She said it was my fault!). After deleting my profile (but still getting replies until last year) she still kept trying to write to me often with aggressive language which i don't want to put here. I said to her that if she was a REAL girl she could write to my email and we could arrange to meet (at my expense) independently but she said she couldn't!
  • Avatar

    johnny_3171January 8th, 2011


    Ha ha! Hey guys all these so called Russian beauties are frauds. I have been on them for a long time but they have not caught me. Even free dating sites. It's some as***le that writes the letters and u think "hey" ha ha. I had one that I met on and we send emails up to a point that she said to me "no the translations works out too much" and if I could help her with the cost! Ha ha ha. I am no fool. So I send a mail saying "hey agency don't try your luck with me" and from then no reply!!! Don't let them catch you!
  • Avatar

    Jvelko02December 13th, 2010


    There are many opinions about Mypoppet service. I feel that something is kept inside the closet, even this site could be promoted and sponsored by them. We have arrived to a difficult stage where you must have your eyes opened. I do not trust in lotteries or luck, but this seems like a lottery where you even cannot contact them directly. I recommend thinking before you put your toes in the net.
  • Avatar

    AatNovember 30th, 2010


    Talk about a scam lol. This morning I received 11 letters from different ladies (?) in the space of 15 minutes. Some of them asked if I did not want to write to them any longer, some if I had lost interest in them, some if I had found another love; all of them out of the blue. (For what it's worth: as a rule I receive a new letter every eight and a half hours...)
  • Avatar

    Joe_1492June 22nd, 2010



    I cancelled my account on Mypoppet last year. All was quiet for about two months. Then I started to get email notices of interested ladies. My profile on Mypoppet was reactivated.

    Just before I cancelled my profile, I deleted all my pics. When my profile was reactivated by Mypoppet I decided to check my profile. All the pics of me are deleted as I originally did so.

    I received over 50 new ladies replies along with some "letters" from past ladies I had briefly chatted with.

    Looking at the message headers on all the emails sent to me after reactivation, I notice quite a few of the "ladies" mention they have seen my photos and like my looks! There are no pictures of me so how can they comment on it?

    How come the ladies I originally wrote to are writing me again assuming I was a new person when my profile ID and Biographical information was the same as before except it is missing my pictures?

    I also noted that one lady, "Anna", had her biographical information changed. Same picture. Originally she was listed as single and no child. Now she is listed as single with a single child. When I originally corresponded with her she mentions she is single with no children.

    Also, all her "Diary" postings have been wiped clean.

    I have also noticed on repeat ladies their diary postings have been wiped clean and new entries rewritten to reflect new personalities.

    Mypoppet is one Big Scam!

    Men, keep your hard earned dollars in your pocket and stay away from Mypoppet.
  • Avatar

    Alex_2121May 18th, 2010


    100% Scam. I was hesitating to keep writing so I asked for new pictures just to make sure she was real and obviously they "couldn't". They get pictures somehow and publish them as if they were real. Don't fall for it, obviously girls are not writing the letters. Instead travel to Russia and hopefully you will meet one directly.
  • Avatar

    Greg_1990April 17th, 2010


    Also, just a thought. If these females can write to you in english, why do you need to hire a translator to talk to them?
  • Avatar

    Joe_1492March 5th, 2010


    Well, folks, I think you ought to draw your own conclusions. Here is my latest email thread with a guy called Matthew, who I might add had his comment posted on this board and is now gone, who did not reply to my March 1, 2010 email reply to his email. I had asked for three people who posted on this board to touch base with me. One did but has not to date follow through.

    ** Content removed by moderator **

    It is my opinion that some of these postings that are so positive of are from shills. I would like to be proven otherwise. This guy Matthew is perhaps scared off from my question whether he is associated with MyPoppet???? I asked the question so I can at least know who I am talking to. Well, folks, have a nice day. Be careful with your hard earned money!!!

    Greg_1990April 17th, 2010


    Replied to Joe_1492 @Joe, I agree I received an email from a profile with pictures of a beautiful lady through my MySpace account. It seemed very genuine because we exchanged several emails before I was referred to the MyPoppet site to see more pics of her. So I decided to do a little research before I make my decision. It has been 4 days since I met who I believe to be an attractive woman, yesterday another female introduced herself to me through my Myspace account saying the exact same thing as the first lady, "Hello! Nice pics!" So I responded to the second one and sure enough the reply was exactly the same as the first female's, "Hello)))) Glad to hear from you. Wanna know more about me? Hey, you are handsome ;) Please respond me. I can send you my new picture. What is your e-mail address?"

    My conclusion = SCAM
  • Avatar

    Dale_1805February 23rd, 2010

    Above average is not a scam, as some people say here. Probably they were badly slandered by their enemies. The company is bit expensive, but it worth. The girls are absolutely gorgeous! I have been using MyPoppet since April 2009, I travelled to Moscow and I liked it. The translators are excellent. Service is professional. It is good site and staff will help you if an person need some help about anything at this site. The staff is very nice group of people with good understanding what an person need at their site.

    blockJune 19th, 2010


    Replied to Dale_1805 @Dale Well,well... it sounds to me like this msg has been posted by someone without a good grasp of the english written language.... strange don't you think? I myself was a bit hesitant about the site so I asked a friend to sign up and msg a few of the girls that had msgd me and lo and behold he got exactly the same letters as i did.... how convenient. This site is load of crap.
MyPoppet 1.85 27 A review of MyPoppet. MyPoppet is a website that enables foreign men to contact Russian women seeking marriage. The site features about 176 profiles of women from the ex-Soviet Union, with photos, biographies and contact details.